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GULFPORT, MS — The first annual Derby South Tournament, the Southern Belle Ringer had its shares of upsets and surprises, but the tournament’s #1 seed, Big Easy Roller Girls, retained their crown and emerged as the winner. The second through fourth seeds also finished in the top 4.

Game 1 – Acadiana Rollergirls (9) upset Hub City’s Southern Misfits (8), 61-54

Acadiana managed to hold on to the lead for the majority of the game, but a last minute rally by the Misfits gave them some trouble. The Southern Misfits took the initial lead and held on to it for almost 5 minutes, but a series of major penalties by their jammers let Acadiana steadily increase their score to as wide as 54-34. Despite two ejections, the Misfits climbed back to 54-52 with just one jam left; however Acadiana clenched held on to their victory with solid defense which stymied the Misfits jammer. Final score, 61-54. Acadiana advanced to play Big Easy All-Stars, while Hub City’s Southern Misfits were eliminated from the tournament.

Game 2 – Pearl River Swamp Dolls (10) steals victory from the jaws of Magnolia Roller Vixens (7), 54-39

Pearl River put the first two points on the board after nearly four minutes, and held on to a narrow lead for most of this game. It was very low scoring for the first 15 minutes, with the score at 15-7 in Pearl River’s favor. After the midway mark the points started flowing in for both teams along with multiple lead changes. Despite the lead changes ,Pearl River seemed to be on top and in control, and held a narrow 40-39 lead going into the last jam. A miscalculated early call off during a power jam by Magnolia allowed Pearl River to hold on to their lead and expand it to 54-39 on the last jam. Pearl River advanced to play Red Stick’s Diables Rouges, and Magnolia is eliminated from the tournament.

Quarterfinal – Big Easy All-Stars (1) extinguish Acadiana Rollergirls (9), 139-31

The Big Easy All-Stars grabbed the lead and never let go the entire game, finishing with a 108 point lead in the end. Big Easy had nearly three times as many lead jammer statuses as Acadiana and they took advantage of them with several big 20 point jams. The score was 128-20 going into the last jam, and Acadiana managed to take lead and skate for all 2 minutes to get as many points for pride as possible. Though the outcome was inevitable, Acadiana managed to add 11 points to their total ending the game at 139-31. Big Easy advances to play Mississippi Rollergirls, and Acadiana was eliminated from the tournament.

Quarterfinal – RSRD Diables Rouges (2) comes back against Pearl River Swamp Dolls (10), 99-39

Pearl River held a small lead over the Diables Rogues for nearly half the game, but the Diables Rouges managed a strong second half come back to emerge far in the lead. A long string of penalties on Pearl River’s side gave Diables Rouges power jams and command of the track for much of the later half of the game, allowing them to put up 60 unanswered points before Pearl River added 6 points on the last jam to close things up 99-36. RSRD Diables Rouges advances to the Semifinal to play Tragic City, and Pearl River was eliminated from the tournament.

Quarterfinal – Mississippi Rollergirls (4) clobbers the Crescent Wenches (5), 99-23

Mississippi took an early lead and never let go the entire match. It was the fourth jam before the Wenches replied with four of their own points, but by that time it was already 41-4. The Crescent Wenches managed to slowly add to their pile of points, but for every one they took, Mississippi added three. By the end of the game Mississippi had more than doubled their score to 99, and the Wenches had taken 23. The Mississippi Rollergirls advance to play Big Easy in the semifinal round, and the Crescent Wenches are eliminated from the tournament.

Quarterfinal – Tragic City All-Stars (3) defeat Panama City Roller Derby (6), 79-17

Tragic City took the initiative and never let go for the duration of the bout, winning 79-17. Panama City was only allowed to score when they had power jams. The end result was Tragic City’s solid defense holding Panama City’s jammers in the pack for the duration of the game while they marched down the field to score in jam after jam. Tragic City advances to the semifinal to play against RSRD Diables Rouges, and Panama City is eliminated from the tournament.

Semifinal – Big Easy All-Stars (1) emerges victorious against Mississippi Rollergirls (4), 76-24

Both teams had trouble getting any real points on the board, but a series of power jams allowed Big Easy to widen their score to a 76-24 win. After 15 minutes the score was a mere 12-11 in Mississippi’s favor. But over the second half of the game Big Easy was given three power jams on which they scored a total of 45 of their 76 points. Mississippi was not given such a luxury, and they only accumulated 24 of their own points. Big Easy advanced to the Championship while the Mississippi Rollergirls are relegated to the consolation bracket.

Semifinal – Tragic City All-Stars (3) advance over RSRD Diables Rouges (2) , 65-42

Tragic City engaged in a long knock down drag out bout against higher seed the Diables Rouges, and secured their ticket to the Championship Tournament. The bout was neck and neck for nearly half of it’s duration, and the score lie at 23-22 in Tragic City’s favor. A power jam for Tragic City gave them the advantage they needed to widen the gap to 38-22. The Diables Rouges fought back hard, and came within 51-42, but a last minute power jam for Tragic City sealed the deal, and they won 65-42. Tragic City advances to the Championship round to play against the Big Easy All-Stars, while the RSRD Diables Rouges are relegated to the consolation bracket against the Mississippi Rollergirls.

Consolation (Third Place) Bout – Mississippi Rollergirls (4) marches past RSRD Diables Rouges (2), 125-98

Despite a shaky, penalty filled, first half, and score in the Diables Rouges favor of 74-62, Mississippi managed to regroup and shift the score to a solid 125-98 victory over the higher seed team.

The game started off looking like a Mississippi dominated game, as they advanced the score to 17-4 after 5 jams. A two minute jammer penalty by Mississippi’s Poptart gave the Diables Rouges the chance they needed, and they took the lead from Mississippi at 19-17, and then expanded it to 32-17 as their power jam bleed over into the next. They managed to hold on to the lead for the next four jams, but Mississippi returned to briefly retake the lead, closing the score up at 46-43 for Mississippi. Unfortunately Mississippi’s Poptart went back to the box, allowing the Diables Rouges to retake, and hold onto their lead for the rest of the half. The Diables Rouges had two more power jams to exploit, but Mississippi continued putting points up to close the gap in the mean time. The half ended at the score 74 Diables Rouges, 62 Mississippi.

The half opened with a much more focused Mississippi steadily accumulating points, retaking the lead after 9 jams with the score at 82-76, Mississippi. Both teams managed to score small three and four point jams in quick succession and advanced both teams to a close 107-94 with just five minutes left in the game. Despite Poptart’s earlier penalty trouble, she steadily accumulated points for Mississippi in the second half, with the help of Mississippi’s second jammer, Dynamite Delight. The last three jams saw Mississippi expand their lead to an commanding 125-98 to end the game. The Mississippi Rollergirls placed third overall in the tournament, and RSRD Diables Rouges fourth.

Southern Belle Ringer Championship Bout – Big Easy All-Stars (1) rout Tragic City (3), 204-35

The Big Easy All-Stars exploded to a commanding lead and never stopped piling on points in this championship game. When all was said and done, there was no doubt as to who was the top team in the Derby South with Big Easy’s 204-35 dominating win.

During the first half Tragic City was only able to score on power jams, and it was six jams before they got their first two points to answer Big Easy’s 27. Big Easy’s defense was lead by team captain Bang Crosby and kept Tragic City’s score low. Big Easy went on to score 75 more points before Tragic City responded with 1 of their own; the only profit from their second power jam. As the half wound down Tragic City closed the gap slightly to 112-16, with the help of jammer Psycho B.

The second half continued much like the first, with Big Easy racking up almost 8 points to every 1 of Tragic City’s. Despite having many scoring situations and power jams, Big Easy’s tough defense kept the Tragic City team to a meager 35 at the end of the game, while accumulating 204 of their own points. Big Easy emerged the tournament champions, and Tragic City the runners up.

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