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10371725_481565545321966_2869436768217522921_nThe Rossland Trail Roller Girls (RTRG) bid farewell to long-time coach Railroad (Jacob Jamin). Railroad stepped down from coach this year after four solid seasons, not only giving direction on the track but offering up his graphic design skills. Like many derby men, Railroad rolled into the sport after his wife Darlene, the former star jammer Slameron Diaz, started playing for the Gnarlie’s Angels. Railroad found his place with the Bloodshed Betties, which would go onto become the Bad News Betties before dissolving in 2012 and joining forces with the remaining Angels in the newly amalgamated team, RTRG. Railroad was instrumental in the formation of RTRG, helping push forward a name, logo and direction that led to two successful seasons thereafter. He not only helped develop the sport but also was a major support system to the 1235473_10151709178413031_1661563799_nmany personalities that still play to this day – no doubt these women stuck with the game because of his efforts. Whether he was wiping tears, taking hip checks, or dreaming up and delivering marketing schemes and designs, Railroad did it with commitment and determination. A special thanks to his family, his adoring wife and his derby brats (who’ve spent many hours in the arena during practice or singing anthems and delivering other key performances during bouts). The Jamin family have done so much for roller derby in the West Kootenay and deserve recognition. We will miss you Railroad and we know you will miss us! Roller derby is in your blood and it will remain there boiling under your skin until you just can’t stand it anymore and you’ll be lacing up your skates again. Whether it’s just for a whirl around the track or to again put on your black hat and game face, the RTRG 536011_462446773772677_119422298_nfamily is here to take you any which way in the future. Thank you for your time, spirit and energy. You inspire us to keep on!

-Val Rossi

Interesting fact Coach Railroad also created the West Kootenay Roller Derby logo we are so proud of.






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