RECAP: 2014 Championship Bout

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers v. Hustlers

heartsvhustlersAfter a regrouping season following the loss of some of their longest-standing veterans, the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers put up a valiant fight against the Hustlers in the 2014 Championship Third Place Bout. Unfortunately, their valor was not enough, leading to a hard fought loss to the Hustlers.

The Hustlers established a strong lead very early in the game, and the Heartreakers were never quite able to catch up. Despite jams full of skilled defense, Hustler jammers such as Sprawkett, Malice, and a formerly rarely jammed Fifi Nomenon, skipped around Heartbreaker walls with ease.

Fielding their rookie jammers Sideshow Ho, Deep Dish Nitza, Nine Lives, and Shiner Blond, the Heartbreakers made an earnest effort. However, the Hustlers, whose defensvie walls have improved dramatically over this season alone, proved too strong in most cases.

The Hustlers had a nearly fifty-point lead by the end of the first half, and that gap only widened as the second half continued.

The Hustlers won with a final score of 256 – 136.

Hell Marys v. Hotrod Honeys

14930002436_6e295085f1_bIn the fight for the #1 spot, The Hotrod Honeys were eager to defend their amazing 2014 record. Unfortunately, the Hell Marys pulled off the same feat as last year’s Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, squeaking out a last-minute win. In what may have been the most exciting bout of the entire season, both the Hotrods and the Hells played smart, fast, defensive games.

The Hotrods established an early lead, and kept it going through the entire first half. Incredible jamming by Smarty Pants in the second half brought us our first of several lead changes, taking us to 99-98, in favor of the Hells. The Hotrods recovered, but several jams later, Babyface Assassin repeated the trick with a jaw-dropping 28-point jam.

Then, after a run of 25 points by the Hotrods over several jams with no scoring by the Hells, Babyface Assassin, Smarty Pants, and Sinnerfold tightened up the score in nail-biting jams bringing us to the final jam.

In the last jam, with seemingly the entire convention center on its feet, Sinnerfold tipped the balance, ending her career on a heart stopping 161 – 158 win for her Hell Marys.


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