RDL beat SSRG to end debut year unbeaten

Roller Derby Leicester have ended their debut year unbeaten, following an impressive 192-80 victory against the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls.

The two teams were evenly matched in the rankings, but after a close first period the Jackals took control to emerge comfortable winners.

With strong blocking line-ups on both teams, scoring was slow in the opening jams, with SSRG taking an small early lead. A penalty by Red gave RDL an early power jam, but SSRG defended strongly to minimise Leicester’s points gain. Intelligent offensive play by both teams meant that scoring passes were evenly divided between the jammers, however both sides conceded a number of penalties early on. SSRG switched to a pivot line start midway through the half, a formation considered old-fashioned in modern roller derby. But the tactic paid dividends for them as they sent back an offensive player to catch RDL off-guard on a number of occasions. The scores were neck-and-neck for much of the first half, but RDL edged ahead in the closing jams to go into the half time break with a narrow lead, 77-57.

RDL’s half-time team talk appeared to have addressed the issue of SSRG’s stealthy offense off the line, as the Jackals’ blockers shut down this tactic in the second half. With RDL’s blockers increasingly controlling the pack in the second half, especially Evel von Detta, Esther La Vista and Trashin’ Bones, their three-strong jammer rotation of Brooks, Zippy Kye Ay and Holly all put in confident performances to ensure a steady flow of points for the home team. Holly had been a doubt before the game due to an ankle injury and Zippy took a heavy blow to the leg in the first half, but with the support of the home crowd they seemed to shrug off their injuries. SSRG’s strong, pacy jammer Red was always a threat, but with RDL nullifying their opponents’ offensive plays she found her scoring opportunities limited in the second half.  Indeed, Sheffield managed to only gain a further 23 points in the second half, to RDL’s 115. RDL saw out a controlled victory 192-80.


Best Blocker – Pepper
Best Jammer – Red
MVP – She Rarr

Best Blocker – Trashin’ Bones
Best Jammer – Brooks
MVP – Evel von Detta

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