Queen City Claims DC, 226-144


KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–Having entered this tournament as 1 and 2 seed respectively, Queen City and DC found themselves fighting for fifth place after having their Championships dreams dashed earlier in the weekend by teams with substantially lower seedings.

Queen City has established something of a pattern this tournament–a back-and-forth first half and a more consistent performance, for good or ill, in the second–and this match was no exception. In the end, DC’s hefty dose of jammer penalties–17 to Queen City’s 8–was what really let them down, as the high-scoring and penalty-free LiBRAWLian took Queen City into a comfortable lead, and ultimately a 226-144 win and tournament 5th place.

LiBRAWLian, in high jammer rotation, gave Queen City an easy lead in the third jam, as her 10 point addition forced a star pass from a desperate-to-leave-the-pack DC.

Another star pass in the 4th jam, this time for Queen City, was rewarded by an illegal procedure penalty which landed both original and new jammers in the box. Meanwhile an already penalty-plagued DC racked up points, taking an 18 pointer and the lead. But then two back-to-back 4-0 jams for Queen City landed them in front once again.

By the ninth jam, the teams evened out at 32 points apiece, before Queen City pressed back into the lead 36-32. The game stayed tight throughout the first quarter, before Queen City inched out in front as the period closed out.

In the final minutes of the first period, Queen City put up a 20-point jam which was marred by a cut track call on their jammer, who had spun back onto the track while calling the jam. The call, however, was overturned on review and Queen City took a 100-82 lead into halftime.

The second half was really Queen City’s game and they opened up a substantial lead in the match’s third quarter. This came largely at the hands of LiBRAWLian, en route to 146 total game points, nearly three times the total of the next highest scorer, DC’s penalty-plagued Rocky Brawlboa.

While DC were able to put up a six-jam lead jammer streak late in the game and held Queen City to just two points in that run, their own scoring was similarly contained; the high point was a single 16-0 jam. That left the final score firmly in Queen City’s favor at 226-144 and secured them fifth place in the tournament.

DC Jammers Jams Lead Points Queen City Jammers Jams Lead Points
Rocky Brawlboa (K0) 8 4 50 LiBRAWLian (622) 16 12 146
Viva Violence (1) 12 8 38 InSINerator (1666) 5 3 31
Yankee Scandal (978) 11 7 37 Miss Fire (252) 6 4 23
Miller-Miller (606) 3 1 17 Abercrombie & Fists (99) 10 2 14
Jill Hill (85) 8 1 2 Low Hits Griffin (153) 7 1 9

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.

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