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Los Angeles, CA–It is not an understatement that this weekend’s Tinseltown Showdown tournament boasts some of the highest-ranking play that Los Angeles will see for 2014.

The three-day tournament will boast six sanctioned games, two played on each day, with only the final day of play publicly viewable (except via tweetcast from yours truly at @AngelCityDerby and some video coverage through, in the usual home bouting venue for Angel City, the Culver City Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

After the newly-released last-quarter rankings came out yesterday, the line-up amongst this weekend’s Tinseltown competitors looks even more closely matched–in terms of WFTDA’s rankings, at least. While Bay Area Derby Girls’ All-Stars remain at #2 in WFTDA (3 in FTS), both Denver Roller Dolls at WFTDA #4 (FTS 4) and home league Angel City Derby Girls at WFTDA #5 (FTS 11) climbed a spot on Rose City’s small fall in the April rankings. Terminal City will also be representing, placed currently WFTDA #35 (FTS 29).

While it may seem like the final mention of Terminal City came as an afterthought, they should be by no means underestimated by their ranking-placement. They showed in their playoffs at the end of last year that they are capable of much more with heart and determination than they might be credited for. Expect them to put up some hefty competition against the higher-ranked teams–or at least a star pass or two.

Home team Angel City Derby Girls’ stratospheric rise last year doesn’t seem to be about to halt. Anticipate a team that, even with a similar line-up to the one glimpsed at Championships last year, looks substantially different in person and game play. Their rise to the top 5 has been marked by a willingness to constantly adapt and change their training and play, so recent rule changes shouldn’t markedly change their play. Although their ability to capitalize on power jams may be altered with the new 30 second penalties.

Denver sees a couple of new additions to their roster, which may shift their game play somewhat. The new ruleset may actually benefit them; the clockwise penalties that have been a hallmark of their game are likely to fall, but their multi-player penalties may well also rise under the new system, so it may simply be a trade-off. When they last met Angel City at Championships, Denver triumphed 200-125 in an encounter that saw 78 major penalties assessed–40 for Denver and 38 for Angel–so it will be interesting to see what effect this year’s penalty changes has on the total counts, and if either team has managed to clean up since. Another thing worth noting from that game is how much closer the second period was than the first–90% of Denver’s margin was accrued in the first 30 minutes, suggesting that Angel City had got something of a handle on the Mile High Club by the end.

Bay Area’s All-Stars include former star Angel City jammer, Kristi Yamagotcha, who will be experiencing a familiar venue in the gold and black for the first time. And Demanda Riot is no stranger to the southern region, visiting the area regularly amongst her hectic coaching schedule. Bay Area’s solid team roster will unlikely suffer for rule changes, proving adaptable and determined at all encounters throughout the last season and into this one. They’ve maintained the second spot for the last two quarters, and will no doubt be eager to prove they can keep that position through the tournament.

B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls – BAD All-Stars — WFTDA #2

0 Slaybia Majora // OOO Demanda Riot // 1 Liza Machete // 10 Huck Sinn // 1619 Belle Right Hooks // 19 Steely Jan // 21 Lulu Lockjaw // 238 Baron von Punchausen // 26 Chantilly Mace // 32 Nock Nock // 45 Dolly Rocket // 48 Bricktator // 505 Shannon Ball Dorato // 52 Kid Ace // 6 Kristi Yamagotcha // 7 Murderyn Monroe // 713 Sherlock Homeslice // 8 Fatal Dreidel // 888 Brawllen Angel // 9 Amanda Jamitinya


Terminal City Roller Girls – All-Stars — WFTDA #35

1111 Sundown // 117 Frankowski // 1223 Janna // 16 Palmer // 18 MacKenzie // 191 NazDroveya Wylde // 22 Harrison // 31 Eve Hallows // 44 Luludemon // 47 Scarlett Bloodbath // 52 Evada Peron // 69 Flower Plow’her // 77 Suggit // 84 Harvey // MG42 Griffith // T101 Schwarzemegger


Denver Roller Dolls – Mile High Club — WFTDA #4

0 Dickie // 0 Urrk’n Martin // 129 Salvador // 19 Adams // 1982 Quigley // 28 Barrett // 307 Serelson // 314 Lester // 36 Dezellem // 4 Rivas // 4038 Williams // 44 Bucsek // 49 Beck // 5 Sage // 719 Sharpless // 831 S.H. Long // 99 Akers // hiy0 Wilhelm // 352 Poca HotAss // 7954 Faye Tall Blonde


Angel City Derby Girls – Hollywood Scarlets — WFTDA #5

10 Duchess Von Damn // 101 Ima Blowbya // 1286 Booty Ninja // 1337 Mickispeedia // 16 Chica Go Lightning // 166 Jane Wilkins // 3 Soledad // 316 Cris Dobbins // 33 Laci Knight // 360 Krissy Krash // 500 Filthy One // 507 Rachel Rotten // 5354 Chinese Cheker // 617 Ghetto Fabu-Lez // 666 Satan’s Little Helper // 8 Breakfast // 94 Octane Jane // 95 Tyra Shanks // B00M Stormy Heather

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