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The first round of Division 1 playoffs begins this week, which means your resident Otter is here to regale you with some words about the officiating crews for this round of matchups in Ft. Wayne, IN. Thanks in part (i.e. in all except for the logistics) to the officials who helped to make it possible this time around.

Can I get a “Wha Wha” to my fellow ladies and gents in Black, White and Pink:
Mike Hammer (WA)
Danzinger (IN)
Thunder Rogue (WI)
Statsi (PA)
K-Shock (IN)
DudeBro (WI)
Pol E Dangerous (WI)
Morgue N Donar (GA)
Collin D. Shots (UT)
Parking Lot (CANADIA!)

Manning the helm will be Tournament Head Ref Jonathan Bardelline (CA) and Tournament Head NSO Hi-Refinition (MO). Both are well-versed in the world of tournaments.

The leadership is strong with this one. With a total of 45 years combined officiating experience, 24 WFTDA “Big 5” tournaments under their belts/skirts/kilts (all WFTDA Tournament Dress Code-Appropriate) and countless hours put in both on and off the track, the caliber of officiating will be top-notch.

Becoming a tournament-level official doesn’t happen overnight, but with plenty of work, dedication, and a healthy dose of self-assessment almost anyone can reach this level. One of the biggest factors in becoming a successful tournament official? Travel!

Says K-Shock: “Travel early and travel often.” Pol E Dangerous: “Be willing to work every game you can, no matter the role, and when you do show up do the job to the best of the ability you can.”

So all those flights where Mother Nature was being a jayhole and you were held over? All those 8 hour drives where the delightful the ‘post-bout derby gear smell’ wafts from the trunk, and friendships have been tested over how often to stop and pee? WORTH IT.

Another big factor is becoming a tournament caliber official? More ears, less mouth!

Morgue N. Donor shares her (wise) take on feedback, suggesting that new officials “Ask questions constantly. Seek feedback from everyone and incorporate it accordingly. Never assume that you know everything about a position; there is always room for improvement.”

Says Park (insert Otter’s blatant and unabashed love for Canadian officials): “Never stop seeking advice from peers and officials at the higher levels. Don’t be afraid to back up your opinion with facts, but be prepared to listen to what they are saying. Keep talking about and studying the rules and procedures with knowledgeable officials.”

The most successful officials, including the ones with many years under their belt, never stop learning. As Thunder Rogue added with refreshing candor, “When I meet a cocky official, I am skeptical. I am usually proven right to have been so”.


We think Dudebro succinctly sums up many of the tenets of rising to tournament-level officiating: “Work hard; have fun; listen; do your job (do not try to do everyone’s job); listen; travel.”

Although many of these folks have worked together in the past, there are, as always, some new faces. When asked what these officials were looking forward to when working with new crews, most answered along the lines of being part of something awesome and all of the new people. This is true (pulls out ref card to verify truthiness), but we also received some unusual (meaning awesome) answers — Dudebro is excited about “Wearing cat shirts on Saturday” and, in what is probably our favorite answer to all of these questions in the “LOLWHUT” category, this gem from Danzinger: “Whipping the llama’s ass!”

If you people DON’T think that officials can be awesome at what they do and STILL have fun, we ask that you re-read those last 2 quotes.

To sum it up, this weekends officiating is going to be off the chizzain, you guys! And it’s all because of officials like Colin D Shotz, who reminds officials that to be truly excellent, they should “remember that our job as officials, is to serve the sport and the athletes who play it.”

And now, to the fun (and factual) part.
1. The correct term when referring to the person who is in charge of watching the jammer and relaying her points? JAMMER REF.
2. When asked “Who would win in a fight, Batman with no Batmobile, or Superman with no phone booth to change in?” 55.56% were behind Superman. and 44.44% thought Batman would take it.

We’d like to see these officials have a dance off to solve this burning question.

Skating Officials

Tournament Head Referee: Jonathan Lee

Collin DeShotz Richie Frangiosa null ptr ref
Wernher Von Bombed Hangin’ Chad Matt S. Faction
Machete Holiday The Shoveler Code Adam
Cliquework Patricide Shaun Ketterman
Danziger Miles Prower Statsi
Mike Hammer David Feck’em Izzy Demented
Bonezy Adams FN Zebra Stabby McDudebro
Oh Grr Ro$ Vega$ Devine Intervention

Non-Skating Officials

Tournament Head NSO: Hi Refinition

Morgue N Donor Silken Tofu Kill C Grammar
Deadeye Thunder Rogue Doc Skinner
Samuel Bergus Travis Sickle Alicia Teaze
Sod Off Izzy Pop Phil In The Blank
Morgue N Donor Silken Tofu Kill C Grammar
Intejill Stabby McNeedles 90° Johnson
Molotov Rawktail Dr. Frak-N-Stein Danger Muffin
Nowhere to Heidi Turtle Diamond Dust
Elke Hollic Death Knellie Circuit Broad
Nora Leif Wishbone Breaker Evie McSkeevy
Mac Ramaniac Sho’Nuff Chanel No. Die
Pol E. Dangerous Parking Lot Screama Donna
Coch Less Monster Strong Female Character GalVaTron
Pitzy K-Shock Bubbles DeSmeare
A Grue Chunk Rock Girl Booth (Punk Kittie)
90° Johnson Intejill Stabby McNeedles
Kill C Grammar Morgue N Donor Silken Tofu

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