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Editor’s Note: As well as previewing the competitors, this year we’re also going to try to give you an insight into those people keeping those ladies in line: the officials. This post comes courtesy of DNN’s Officially Official Officials Correspondent, Y.I. Otter. Any feedback on what else you might want to know about the ladies and gentlemen in stripes and polos is very welcome.

‘Tournament Officials’ -or- ‘Who Are Those People With the Pink Polo shirts and Ref Jerseys, Even?’

This weekend officially starts off the WTDA Tournament Season. The time of year where The Best of the Best Come (b)out to win. The women skating in the next few months work year round for these coveted spots. They give everything they have mentally, physically and financially to get to this place. Who better to officiate the most talented skaters, than the most talented officials?

Tournament officiating is broken down into 2 equally important groups. Skating Officials (Referees) and Non-Skating Officials (NSOs). Like pencil¹ and paper, one can’t do its job without the other.

Des Moines, IA starts it off with Seer Sin and 90 Degree Johnson manning the helm as Tournament Head Ref and Tournament Head NSO. Some of the ladies and gents joining them on the track are OrgAnnica (Louisiana) Pantichrist (Tennesee), BiPola Lola (Washington state) and Kill C. Grammar (Ohio). With a combined total 21 years of officiating experience, there is plenty of knowledge to go around.

When asked about what he remembered about his first officiating experience, Grammar shared: “I remember a very nice lady walking me through score keeping while we stood on a very tiny wooden platform. I was pretty sure I was going to die.” Most people would find Kill C’s total of 243 bouts worked impressive, but he feels as if he’s slacking and assured us he will “try and pick up the pace.”

As with all good officials, the overall consensus amongst this group is that their peers have been a cornerstone of the learning process. OrgAnnica summed it up, saying “I learn something from someone each game … I also travel any chance I get to learn from people I have not worked with yet.” For OrgAnnica, derby is not only a personal hobby, but one she shares with her husband, Short Fuse, who is also a skating official in the Big 7 this season.

For BiPola Lola, officiating isn’t how she started, but she fell in love anyway. “I came from an injured skater perspective so I was already hooked. I’m not gonna lie; reffing is awesome. It’s easy to love.” You know what Lola also loves? DERBY PATCHES. Sadly, she–along with almost every other official we know–has learned that as much as there is to love about officiating, it will not support a rampant patch habit.

Are these officials born obsessed with the game? Pantichrist summed up what happens to most people who participate in roller derby, regardless of what area: “No, it grew like lichen, consuming my spare time gradually.” That sounds about right. In his spare time, Panti enjoys gardening, so the lichen comparison seems fitting.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more info about the people who keep things rolling this WFTDA tournament season!

¹I was going to use the word ‘pen’ but I suspect the NSOs reading this would be thinking “What is this ‘pen’ of which you speak?”.

Full Crews

Skating Officials

Tournament Head Referee: Seer Sin

Umpire Strikes Back The Shoveler Pantichrist
Curtis E. Lay Collin DeShotz Major Wood
Dizzy Duzher Spider Pirate Machete Holiday
Jim Schmidt Mike Hammer Justin Sanity
BiPola Lola Hangin Chad Spankin D. Monkey
FN Zebra ZDORK Eject You Later
Short Fuse Uranus Escheating Julius Seizure
Pol E Dangerous PhDiva Crash Test Ref

Non-Skating Officials

Tournament Head NSO: 90° Johnson

Kill C Grammar Phil in the Blank OrgAnnica
Hoodie Alicia Teaze Travis Sickle
Alicia Teaze Holly Wrath Russell Crowbar
Mike SumNoyz Nora Leif Diamond Dust
Diamond Dust Jeri Riggs Samuel Bergus
Bubbles DeSmeare Doc Skinner Twin Peaks
Russell Crowbar Mike SumNoyz TrogDora the Jaminator
Kirsten Professor Harm Bubbles DeSmeare
GalVaTron Kirsten Hoodie
TrogDora the Jaminator Travis Sickle Professor Harm
Doc Skinner Chanel No. Die Holly Wrath
OrgAnnica Samuel Bergus A Grue
Twin Peaks GalVaTron Chanel No. Die
Nora Leif A Grue Jeri Riggs
90° Johnson Kill C Grammar Phil in the Blank

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