Port Authorities 143, Grade A Fancies 127

MRD All-Stars The Port Authorities vs. Green Mountain Derby Dames All-Stars the Grade A Fancies | April 26, 2014 | The Portland Expo, Portland, ME | Bout Recap by: Zeldangerous

Maine Roller Derby’s All-Star Team hoped to continue their climb up the Division 2 ladder this evening by defeating the higher-ranked opponent hailing from Vermont – The Green Mountain Derby Dames’ Grade A Fancies. The Fancies were on an April winning streak, having two strong victories earlier this month. Coming into this bout, the Port Authorities knew they would have to bring their top game in order to overtake the competition.

Both teams came out hard and fast, but Maine shut out Vermont, keeping them at 0 for the first 5 jams, while Maine earned 11 points. In Jam 6, Maine’s Infrared was not lead jammer, but a late call-off from Vermont earned them 4-0 against the Fancies. In Jam 10, Maine’s jammer Hard Dash went to the penalty box for a track cut, giving the Fancies a change to play catchup. Although penalties were now only 30 seconds instead of one minute, Green Mountain earned 10 points, bringing them up to 12 points, while Maine held a strong lead at 24 points.

The Fancies’ defense kept Maine’s jammers from scoring many points, and they began to catch up to Maine’s score. The Fancies held Maine’s Infrared, while their jammer and top scorer Nancy Nightmare earned 10 points. After Jam 13, the score was now 29 Maine, 27 Green Mountain. In the next 5 james, Maine would only earn 2 points while Green Mountain earned lead 4 out of 5 jams as well as 4 points. A low block call on Green Mountain’s Sonic Euthanizer would give Maine’s Top Scorer, Grim D. Mise, an opportunity for huge points. While Sonic earned 6 points that jam as well as lead, Grim scored 19 points for Maine. The Fancies retaliated in the next jam, sending Nancy Nightmare out against Maine’s Hard Dash. The Fancies’ defense held Dash, while Nancy racked up 13 points, tying the score 50-50. With only 4:30 left in the first half, Maine heightened their defense while jammers Kissy Kicks, Infrared, and Grim D. Mise scored a collective 21 points, while Green Mountain only scored 4. Going into the second half, the score was 71 for Maine, 54 for Green Mountain.

For most of the first half, small points were traded between teams. A cut on Maine’s jammer Kissy Kicks led to 7 points for the Fancies. Green Mountain held jammer Grim D. Mise, as well as sending her to the box on a track cut, for the Fancies to earn 9 points. In Jam 13, a cut on Green Mountain’s jammer paved way for a redemption jam for Maine’s Grim D. Mise, where she earned 10 points. Kissy Kicks had a huge power jam in Jam #15, when Maine’s blockers forced two track cuts on Green Mountain’s powerful jammer, Nancy Nightmare. Kissy earned 18 points to Nancy’s 7, and the score was at 112-89, 11:00 left, in favor of Maine. Maine’s Infrared and Grim D. Mise both earned 8 points in the next two jams, but Green Mountain kept pace and earned 9 points in the same time frame. Green Mountain kept Maine scoreless in the last 6 jams of the night, save for one 15-point jam by Infrared. Simultaneously, the Fancies gained 29 points. In Jam 21, Maine Blockers Margot Tenenbomb, Tri-scare-a-tops, Crazy Buchanan, and Brannigan’s Law forced a track cut on Green Mountain’s jammer, paving way for Infrared to her her 15 points (143-115). Green Mountain’s strong defense held Maine’s jammers while the Fancies played catch-up, earned them 12 points in the last two jams (while Maine earned 0) to bring the final score 143-127.

The Port Authorities: Grim D. Mise (69)
Grade A Fancies: Nancy Nightmare (53)

The Port Authorities: Tri-Scare-A-Tops
Grade A Fancies: Susan Slamberg

The Port Authorities: Grim D. Mise
Grade A Fancies: Track Infection

Lil Punisher | Crazy Buchanan | Tri Scare-a-Tops | Brannigan’s Law | Grim D. Mise | Cherry Clobber | Wrexzilla | Crystal Whip | Red-Demption | Infrared | Eva LaDiva | Kissy Kicks | Margot Tenenbomb | Hard Dash

Susan Slamberg | Agent Mauled-Her | TerminateHer | Seraquil XR | Sonic Euthanizer | Track Infection | Annie Cockledoux | Snatch Mckraken | Terror Me Sue-Z | Bust E. Breaker | Anne I. Alater | Scarlet Menace | Nancy Nightmare

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