Popping Cherries

Our own Grace Elizabeth gives an account of playing her first game

“My cherry popper game took place in Lincoln courtesy of the Lincolnshire Bombers and thankfully I didn’t have to go alone! I shared my cherry popper with a fellow RDL skater, Laura and a host of supporters were there cheering us along too. When we first arrived at the leisure centre where the game was being held, I wasn’t particularly nervous. In my head all I wanted to do was get my skates on and get going. It wasn’t until we were all sat on the bench after warming up that the nerves set in. Would I know where to stand? Would I remember what to do when I got a penalty? Thankfully I wasn’t in the first line-up, which meant I could sit and watch and get myself together.

I’ll admit, I started my first game badly. I felt like I didn’t know what was going on and whenever I tried to do something it went wrong. Frustration started to set in. It took a while of watching other players and focussing on what I had to do before I felt like I was actually back to my normal self. But when it all clicked in my head it was great! Laura did some fantastic jamming, I managed to hit the opposing jammer off track and I remembered to bolster!


By the end of the game I was playing every other jam and the team had really started to gel together and become effective. It was so great to see how a group of skaters who had never played together before could start to become a team.


Whilst I have mixed emotions about my first game, it’s definitely left me feeling like I need to play more. So that’s what I’m going to do!”

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