Philly Championship Recap: Philthy Britches 93, Broad Street Butchers 48


The Philly Roller Girls ended their 2007 season on Saturday, November 10th with the second half of a double header event dedicated to the Warrior Cup championship bout. The evening’s main event had the Broad Street Butchers (1-2 coming into the bout) in a 50-minute rematch of last year’s final bout with the Philthy Britches (3-0 before the match), and once again, the Philthy Britches would end the season as undefeated champions, 93-48.

Joy Collision (in white for the Butchers) is hot on the heels of a vaguely Mo Pain-shaped blur of blue. Photo credit: Photo credit: Roman Torres

The first jam of the night saw the Britches’ Mo Pain take to the jammer line against Vixen Van Go Go for the Butchers. The speedy Mo is usually first to claim lead jammer, but it would be Van Go Go claiming the first lead jammer prize of the evening. The Britches lost their pivot Violet Temper on a major penalty for dropping Vixen with a trip, but the action played out in the Britches’ favor — Mo was able to score 3 points and Vixen was forced to call it off to keep the margin small. For the second jam, the Butchers sent out their guest skater from Charm City, Joy Collision, to jam against Gloria Grindem. Joy showed the Philly fans some of the stuff that is making her a standout name in the world of roller derby by earning lead jammer, scoring 4 points and calling the jam in a mere 35 seconds, leaving the Britches scoreless in that jam and giving the underdogs an early 4-3 lead. That would be as good as it would get for the Butchers, though, as it was the only point in the two-period bout where the Butchers would be on top.

The Britches’ signature one-two jammer combination, Mo Pain and Violet Temper, combined to score 9 points to the Butchers’ 1 in the next two jams, each taking lead jammer and calling them off in just under a minute apiece. In jam 5, Joy Collision would beat out the Britches’ ace jammer Mo Pain 4-1, putting the score at Britches 13, Butchers 9, but the Britches would give themselves some breathing room on the subsequent jams. Jammers Violet Temper and Gloria Grindem put together another 9 points while their defense completely shut down the Butchers, putting the Britches in front 22 to 9. In the ninth and tenth jams, though, the Butchers managed to answer right back — Vixen Van Go Go got a 6-0 shut out on Violet Temper, who was sent to the Sin Bin with another major for cutting the track. Violet’s penalty time would span into the 10th jam, where Joy Collision continued to assist the Butchers by earning lead jammer status and deploying it for a 3-0 victory, denying Violet her chance to get on the board and putting the margin back at just 4 points — Britches 22, Butchers 18.

In the next jam, the Butchers’ jammer, Tara Newone, was having difficulty getting out of the pack, so she passed her helmet cover to her pivot, Shenita Stretcher, but unfortunately neither were able to score any points before Gloria Grindem could earn 5 and called off the jam for the Britches. The 12th jam featured two jammers who are better known as blockers, as Gefilte Fists wore the star for the Britches and Ada Baby took to the line for the Butchers in a close match-up that gave the Britches 3 points and the Butchers 2. The period ended on a back-and-forth series of 6 jams that found each team taking turns shutting out the other, but the Britches were narrowly getting on the better side of the jam margins. After 25 minutes, the first period ended with the score at 41 to 26 in favor of the Philthy Britches.

The Butchers’ Annie Christ and Slay Belle are forced to let the Britches jammer by on 20 feet. Photo credit: Roman Torres

Mo Pain was finally able to get the better of Joy Collision to kick off the second half. Mo earned 4 points and quickly called it off to shut-out Joy — it was the first time Joy had come out on the wrong end of the jammer point differential in the bout. In the third jam, Violet Temper had her turn facing off against Joy Collision in a jam that would have gone the full two minutes had it not been called off for a frightening injury to returning Butcher Suzy Skullcrusher. Suzy took a nasty fall in turn 1, was seen by the medic, and was able to walk off the track to a thunderous round of applause. The action got going right away with another Temper/Collision showdown. This time, Violet scored 5 before Joy could score any and called the jam. The next jam would be the highest scoring of the night when Mo Pain took on Shenita Stretcher. Mo was able to lap Shenita twice and scored 13 for the Britches against Shenita’s 4 points for the Butchers. Joy Collision would then step up to the jammer line against the long-legged Gloria Grindem and manage to slow the Britches’ momentum with a 7-4 win for the Butchers. Still, though, the bout was starting to get out of the Butchers’ control, with the score Britches 67, Butchers 36 and only 12 minutes left to play.

The rest of the period was marked by relatively small point jams with lead jammers calling them off early, up until the 15th jam of the period was called due to both jammers, Gefilte Fists and Shenita Stetcher, going to the penalty box. The Butchers were then the victim of some substitution confusion, as they were unable to get a jammer designated from their pack of blockers by the time the whistle blew. That left them jammerless for the entire 16th jam and allowed Britches new-comer Olivia Face to rack up 10 unanswered points in a full-length jam, putting the score at Britches 93, Butchers 48.The last jam of the evening was mostly ceremonial as there were only 27 seconds left on the period clock, but the Butchers had one last jammer to field: Slay Belle, a dedicated blocker who had never worn the jammer star in a bout, took to the line in her last jam before retiring. Newly crowned crowd favorite Slay was able to get lead jammer just as the buzzer sounded, ending her skating career and the season for the Philly Roller Girls. The Philthy Britches remained the undefeated Warrior Cup champions two years in a row, 93 to 48.

For the Britches, the high scorers were co-captain Mo Pain with 33 points in 11 jams, first year skater Gloria Grindem with 25 points in 9 jams, and co-captain Violet Temper with 17 points in 9 jams. Olivia Face had the highest percentage for team totals with 10 points in her only stint as jammer, giving her a 10 point average per jam. Violet Temper and Janet Meano were the most effective of those playing pivot most of the game. In 9 jams, Violet allowed an average of 1.11 points against the Britches (all scored in the second period) and Janet Meano allowed for an average of 1.64 points in 11 jams as pivot. Mo Pain had the most minor penalties at 11 with one major, earning most of her minors as a jammer. Blocker Dara Licks was next with 10 minors and no majors. Violet Temper was credited with the most blocks for the night, most of them body blocks with an impressive 5 jammer take-downs. Dara Licks was next, followed by Gefilte Fists, Janet Meano, and Cindecent Exposure. Violet was also the most effective Britch for assists. The Britches had lead jammer status for 15 jams in the 36 jam bout.

On the Butchers’ bench, the visiting Joy Collision gave the Butchers the most points with 22 total in 10 jams, first year skater Shenita Stretcher follows her with 18 points in 10 jams, and captain Vixen Van Go Go earned 6 points in 3 jams. Pivots allowing the fewest points were co-captain Annie Christ with an average points against her team of 1.5 in 14 jams and Suzy Skullcrusher allowing an average of 2.0 points against the Butchers in 4 jams. Tara Newone led the Butchers with 9 minors and 1 major, while Shenita Stretcher and Slay Belle each collected 8 minors and no majors. Tara Newone led the Butchers in total blocks with 6 hits on the opposing jammers. Long Island transfer Butterscotch Cripple had the next best blocking tally, followed by Shenita Stretcher (who had 3 jammer take-downs), and Annie Christ. Joy Collision had the most assists. The Butchers took lead jammer status 16 jams in the 36 jam bout.

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