Parma Violents vs. Batter C Power

On Sunday 28th September, the Parma Violents will face their toughest opponents yet: London’s Batter C Power!

Due to the time constraints of the visiting team, we unfortunately cannot open up this event to the public. We are, however, fortunate enough to be able to invite friends and family along to Grangemouth Sports Complex to show their support.  If your name’s not on the list, then now is the time to make friends with FVRG if you want to witness this highly-anticipated game!

Batter C Power are London Rollergirls’ tough team of rising stars who can be found playing against the UK and Europe’s up-and-coming roller derby teams. Already this year, they have played against Barcelona; Cambridge; Tiger Bay Brawlers (B team) and Liverpool – and only lost one game, by a mere 7 points!

Although Batter C are ranked 36th on Flat Track Stats and the Parma Violents are 106th, the home team have also had an extremely successful year. Their recent games have been a mixture of re-matches as well as first meetings with new teams, where they have continued to exceed expectations. After their recent game – and unexpected win – against Dundee’s Silvery Tayzers, the Violents jumped up the leader board and have shown that they are definitely a team not to be under-estimated.

The Parma Violents are all looking forward to Sunday’s game and are hoping to learn a lot from the experience of playing against such a formidable team!

Parma Violents vs Batter C Power Poster

Poster designed by Gotham Nicky

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