My derby name is Dread Knoxx and I’m number #66. I play with CCDD’s Dolly Rogers and also with their Dollinquents.

Photo courtesy of Joe Mac Photography

I started playing derby after watching an outdoor practice of what I thought were crazy and courageous women on quad skates doing pylon obstacles and contact hitting drills in the summer of 2009.
Fast forward: Fresh Meat session, a steep learning curve and I was on quads! Over the years, injuries and life’s ‘other’ priorities sometimes took precedence, but here I am.
I love this sport because you are challenged both physically and mentally every time you step out on the track. They say with age comes wisdom but there’s  a lot to be said for watching your athleticism grow with age. The strength of growing as a player within a team is awesome!
My favorite personal moments are when, in the fast pace of a game, I have seconds of total clarity. As a blocker, it happens when we totally shut down a jukey jammer. As a jammer, it happens when I come around to the pack with strength and calm.

Photo courtesy of Joe Mac Photography

I play because I can!  If you are testing the derby waters do it!  Come see a game, volunteer at a derby event, talk to a derby player, sign up for a Fresh Meat session.
~Just do something!

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