Name and number: CHANEY—aka Slam—1093

Position: BLOCKER

Does your derby number mean anything? 10-93 is an emergency ten-code in many jurisdictions in Canada for a road block. I endeavor to always be that road block.

Likes: True Crime. Pickles. Cooking. Avacados.

Dislikes: Liars. Cauliflower. Carbonated alcohol. Massages.

Why did you join roller derby? I joined roller derby in 2011. Blam, my sister (in-law, if I must be factual) began her recruitment campaign. She insisted for over a year that I was missing this something in my life, that roller derby was amazing and that I “was made for roller derby.” I came to her home bout. I sat in suicide seating. I watched. I liked what I saw. I liked contact. I liked strategy. I just liked. I knew it was for me.

Slam blam

How do you train? I focus on complementary muscles and strength building. I also have spent considerable time over the last year focusing on mental-health training and stress release. I play from a stress place at times so I just work on better ways of executing the various demands. I have also been playing a lot with my COG (center of gravity) on the track and its effectiveness as it relates to my blocking.

Favourite derby moment: When I personally experience (or see someone else) achieve a personal milestone like 30/5 or taking down someone of a threat. This is also why I’m not a good NSO. I can’t not cheer for people.  Also, when I first hit the track in my skates. Every time.

When I’m not playing derby: I spend as much time as possible with my beautiful husband and son.

Pre-game ritual: I take my skates apart and clean them. Every time. I also polish my skates. It feels hardcore. I like to think other people look at skates all the time like I do – and they think I’m a rookie. Then they learn.

What about gear: I love my matte black S1 helmet. I’m particular about my K2 wrist guards and my discontinued, hard-as-hell to find motel knee pads. I wear Triple Eight elbow pads and always the cheese-grater mouth guard.  

Is there anything unusual about your gameplay: I find I watch people’s skates all the time. How the two lines form, how a jammer starts at the whistle…it is actually fascinating and quite predictive. We are where we are rooted from.

Is there anything you want [non-derby] people need to know about derby: Please don’t ask me to explain the rules any more. It is just SO much easier if you come and watch. You will understand. You will appreciate. You will be in awe. And I can just go about my way…being derby. 

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