Our British Champs Debut…

       We have had rather an eventful weekend at DCRA, and we asked a couple of our team members to tell us all about it through their eyes.

Our first installment comes from one of our gorgeous cherubs, and soon to be ref-traordinaire and Angel – of that there is no doubt, Valerie.


Diary Entry : Sunday January 5th 2017

Angels v Wakefield

Its 6am and I’m up – if only I was so energised about the alarm going off in the morning everyday.

Getting ready, lots of coffee and due to pick up the two awesome ladies for our road-trip to Wakefield. (Sausage sarnie and coffee – day is off to great start). Weatherby services Eeeekkkkk. Meet up for breakfast, think we took over the whole service station, and when the team members all arrived it was to cheers!

These girls are bonkers! Lots of team pics….. Angels nerves are showing, cherubs are just excited…….

30 mins later we arrive at Dewsbury Leisure Centre (I didn’t get lost for a change really easy to find and park!). Nerves are now really showing. Lots of hugs…..

First game…. I’ve never seen a real game before – this is amazing. Selling merch, buying more merch…. I think what I like most is the positivity. Its POSITIVE competitiveness….. there’s no body shaming, girls of all shape and sizes here…… and everyone of them ROCKING it!

We get chatting to other teams, and its all fab. (Got a great new T and helmet stickers).


Angels are up!!!! I’m watching from the Merch table…. If my nails weren’t acrylic they’d be bitten to the core!

First Jammer up – Ari…… She’s putting everything into it! I’m literally feeling palpations! Screaming for the team.

It’s a roller coaster…… we’re getting thrashed but the angels don’t give up!!!

Getting knocked – get up, back on track, fighting through, rotations, screaming ‘Toni!!’, ‘Claire!!’, ‘Helen!!’……… (if I have a voice tomorrow it will be a miracle) Can’t take anymore- need to get up in the stands…..

The first lead jam we got we all when wild!!! My fellow cherubs left me deaf screaming in support! DCRA DCRA DCRA

We didn’t win, but these girls (no let me correct that, “Angels”!) rocked … injuries, penalties, getting thrashed by an evidently more skilled and experienced team, nothing stopped them. Just like the song lyrics “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down”……! And with our opponents naming the ENTIRE team Most Valued Payer, our team are champs already!

From us cherubs – you are an inspiration. #THISGIRLCAN = DCRA! I can’t wait to gain my wings, join you and do you proud!

Valerie – aka Valificent 


Next post – From one of our Angels,  Block Ness Monster 

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