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Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to get eight actual zebras to a roller derby event than getting a full set of referees. It's not their fault - there's still a shortage of officials in comparison to skaters, and they have things like lives outside of derby that can affect their commitment to the sport.

Here at RDNation we love to build things that will help overcome the challenges that derby teams face, so our new Officiating Requests function will help address that issue with a central location for all officials to be found online as well as a simple way to make requests for those officials.

Internal leagues have been Beta testing this feature for quite some time now within RDNation, and we are happy to move out of Beta and help leagues outside of RDNation find the needed officials for each and every bout.

You can find this feature at https://rdnation.com/officiating-requests/view/all

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