OCCRG Goes 1-1 in Davenport

The Old Capitol City Roller Girls took both their All-Stars and Ped Maulers to Davenport on Saturday, August 23rd, for a double header against the Quad City Rollers. The All-Stars had a come from behind victory over the QCR All-Stars, 167-144 and the Ped Maulers put up a tough fight, but ultimately fell to the Mississippi Massacre, 197-91.

The Old Cap All-Stars started out a little rough, as Left 4 Deadwards started the first jam in the box with a stopped block on opposing jammer, Krystallica. Triple D Zaster also received a jammer penalty that extend over two jams and put Quad City at a quick 20 points. Bat R Up got the momentum going with three points for Old Cap followed by a 14 point power jam for Deadwards to make the score 22-17.

Photo by Danforth Johnson

Photo by Danforth Johnson

After giving up a few more points in a power jam, Old Cap started to take a hold of the game and only gave up points in one of the next eight jams. Just returning from a mid-year break, the All-Stars had lost a few skaters in that time, and a few more weren’t available for the Quad City weekend. That saw some of the normal Ped Maulers, such as AJ Renegade, Death Nell and Halihurtin’, stepping up and filling those roles. After everyone dusted off the summertime cobwebs, the pack cohesion became evident, and so did the practiced defense. For the rest of the half, Old Cap either kept Quad City to 0 points or one scoring pass. They needed to up their offensive game though, because jammers weren’t getting lead which meant they weren’t making up enough points for their deficit. Going into the locker room, Quad City held the lead, 92-50.

Coming out of the locker room, the All-Stars had a refreshed perspective and were ready to come back playing hard. They dominated lead jammer status with some smart line plays by A Few Screws Lucy and Ophelia Fracture, and went on a 29-4 point run as the two jammer rotation for Quad City began to tire. By the middle of the half, it was tied up at 102. Teamwork was also highlighted this half, as Dess-O-Mater and PyroMAGniac showcased some awesome partner work while being the only two blockers on the track and containing the tricky Kyrstallica.

Overall, Old Cap kept a fairly clean game, with only 8 penalties in the first half to QCR’s 20, and seven in the second half to their 13. The second half however, saw more jammer penalties by Quad City, and technically only one from Old Cap, after their rocky first half. Deadwards did take a seat in the box twice in one jam, first for a backblock and then for a track cut, but upon an official review the referees decided the latter was not actually a cut, as per the cut track rules that were updated earlier this year. The mix up did help Krystallica score 19 points late in the game, putting it a bit tighter at 154-130 with minutes left to play. The All-Stars pressed on and with only seconds left on the clock, and the score at 167-144, QCR called a timeout to get in one last jam. The off-the-line-offense that had helped Old Cap the whole second half shone here, as Bat R Up gave Deadwards a huge sweeping clear as soon as the jam started, giving her lead and ending the game.

The Ped Maulers took the track next and came out strong with 2 points by Halihurtin’ and a grand slam by AJ Renegade. It was a short-lived lead though, as in the next two jams Amelia No Heart saw the penalty box twice, letting the Massacre rack up a 15 and 14 point jam to take the lead 29-8. One more jammer penalty by Ambernin’ Rubber gave them another 15 point jam, but then the Maulers stepped it up. They held them scoreless as they brought the score to 49-24.

The rest of the half saw some jammer penalties on both sides, and some well-practiced power jam

Photo by Danforth Johnson

Photo by Danforth Johnson

strategies helped the Maulers put points up on the board. The blockers also experienced some penalty trouble, and at the half, the Maulers had 18 penalties to the Massacre’s 10. By halftime, things looked much like the first game, with the Old Cap team at a 39 point deficit, 96-57.

The Ped Maulers started out the second half strong with a 23-4 point run over a string of jammer penalties for the Massacre. This brought them within 20 points, 100-80. After that though, the Massacre came roaring back and held the Maulers to only 11 points the rest of the half. The Maulers stayed in it though, often holding the QCR jammers to only a few points outside of power jams. They worked on different strategies and put skaters in different roles, and didn’t let the score dampen their spirit. In the end, the Massacre took the win, 194-91.

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