November WARDian of the Month: Drag N Fly

Fly is one incredible woman. You will see her running around home season bouts organising people, assisting spectators and giving out her wonderful positive vibe. You may see her at training, shes the one with the big smile on her face, she truly does love derby.

Congratulations Drag N Fly on your WARDian of the Month award, you deserve it!

How did you get into derby?

My darling friend (now my darling derby wife) Die Lithium was playing in her first bout and invited me along. I was gob smacked watching these amazing skaters play this fast and full on game and I was instantly mesmerized! I just knew I needed to know more about this mind blowing sport! I sat with my daughters and enjoyed the game so much, went home and I just couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to join. I had no idea if I could skate but when fresh meat sign up came around finally I was busting to fill out the paperwork! I’m not joking it was love at first bout!

What do you get out of derby?

I love that derby gives us all a reason to celebrate! Every training session we do is always tough but awesome and as we develop new skills I love that we really celebrate our successes big or small. Derby gives you such a sense of accomplishment and togetherness that lasts long after training is finished and the bruises are gone. It might be an extra lap in speed or a mate mastering something they have been working really hard on, I love that we all notice and that we are our own wicked cheer squad!

What has been the highlight of your skating career so far?

Skating high lights initially for me were learning to stop! But making 28 laps now makes me happy when in the first week I got 16 laps and could barely breathe afterwards! Turns, transitions, hits – it’s all bloody good! There are so many highlights it’s really easy to think of so many!

Having amazing skaters who I adore and respect noticing my improvement and the pride I feel when I can nail something I have been working really hard on keeps me coming back for more.

Most embarrassing moment?

As a freshie I had not mastered the art of stopping and managed to skate straight into the fire exit door at Kingsway and set off the lovely loud alarm.
I must say I used to be embarrassed about falling over but now I don’t mind at all!

Do you have any training tips?

It really is about listening and giving it your all. For me it works to break down new drills and do them over and over and over. So many skills I now have I never thought I would get the hang of and hey presto on the 1000th try you get it!! I pretty much ask anyone for tips and demos when they are free to help and it’s amazing how your skating takes off.

What are your derby aspirations?

My Derby aspirations are to keep progressing and being selected for a home team – hopefully I pull on a Sonic Dooms shirt very soon. I also want to continue and increase my support for our wonderful league in any way needed. It’s a true testament to past and present WARD members how cool our league really is. Ward is chock full of kind, talented, intelligent and dedicated members that when you are with them you realize that anything is possible and everything is so much more fun with skates on .
2015 is shaping up to be friggin amazing and I can barely wait!

Who would you nominate as next WARDian of the Month?

I would like to nominate our fearless VP Bladey Jane. Not only does this woman have a super amazing Derby brain she has a truly delightful, one of a kind genuine big beautiful heart. She can make your day with just a smile then go and promptly kick your ass big time when she’s coaching you!!!

She is always ready to help with all kinds’ derby advice and has wisdom about life beyond her years. I love that Bladey is never too busy to stop and help out and that everyone matters to Bladey.
Always such a happy, kind and loyal woman and then it doesn’t take long to see her obvious dedication and passion for derby. She is an amazing coach, clear and concise on what she wants us to do and is a natural at mentoring. You can’t help but want to impress her on the track.

Now I have to say I just adore watching her play; she keeps her cool and gets the job done whenever she is out there and she does it with buckets of skill and a tonne of WARD heart and she is just so exciting to watch. I am very proud to say that I have skated with the one and only Bladey Jane #21

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