November Skater of the Month – Killer Time

Photo courtesy of Clint Hebrew


  • Joined PRG: June 13, 2013
  • Position on the Track: Blocker, Jammer
  • Home Team: Psychopathogens
  • Number: 414
  • Committees: Finance, Board of Directors
  • Birthday: January 22
  • Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Comments from her league mates:

  • Killer Time scares me. She’s impossible to knock down and impossible to get by. And she knows how to have fun, but she does it so intensely. She can do the goofiest dances without ever cracking a smile. She’s amazing.
  • Great communicator, and very talented skater. She is a great asset to her HT, and to PRG. She can fill any position you ask her to.
  • Killer Time never frowns. I don’t think she knows how. She’s so positive it rubs off on anyone around her. She gives great feedback and she’s a great communicator. Plus she has the best after party dance moves in the league. And she won’t let you forget your dues!
  • Killer Time won the after party!
  • Such a great team player and always focuses on the positive.
  • Killer jumps right into any task on and off the track.
  • Versatile, and willing to try/do what is asked of her-ready to learn and grow-expect great things.

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