November Official of the Month – Random NPC

Photo courtesy of Gotta Havoc


  • Joined PRG: October 23, 2012
  • Position: NSO
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Hometown: Unknown

Comments from his league mates:

  • He really is a random NPC (non-player character), we couldn’t find much info on him for his profile, nor many photos of him either.
  • Random NPC is so quiet that I think few skaters realize how much he does. He’s skilled at many of the NSO jobs and great with computers and the scoreboard software. We’re really lucky to have him.
  • Such a great PRG supporter. Let’s try to get him on skates again too.
  • NPC may not talk a lot, but he sure knows his stuff. He is always willing to take on whatever needs to be done.
  • Random is always willing to help with setup for bouts and knows his rules.

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