North Central Quarterfinal: 3NC Minnesota Manages 6NC Madison, 218-81


INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Monumental Mayhem’s third bout of Day One featured third-seeded Minnesota against sixth-seeded Madison. Madison had finished top-three in their region in both 2009 and 2010, but Minnesota sent notice to the rest of the North Central Region that they were worthy of being sent to back to Championships with a 218-81 win over Madison.

Minnesota came out fast and hard as Team USA skater Medusa put up a 20 point power jam in the second jam of the bout. That ignited Minnesota who proceeded to hold Madison scoreless for the first nine of the jams of the bout. The score was 57 -0 in favor of Minnesota before Madison got on the scoreboard.

The first half featured a total of seven power jams but only Minnesota was able to capitalize on them. Madison only outscored Minnesota twice during the 17 jams of the first half. Harmony Killerbruise paced Minnesota with 45 first half points and Minnesota led at half time by a score of 108 – 29.

The second half was equally impressive for Minnesota, as they widened their jammer rotation and still grew their lead. No fewer than seven skaters wore the star for Minnesota during the bout: Naughty Kitty, Commander Nix, Second Hand Smoke, Medusa, Harmony Killerbruise, Psycho Novia and L’exi Cutter.

With 17 minutes remaining in the bout, Minnesota had pushed the lead to 158-45 – the result of opening on a 50 – 16 run. Mad Rollin’ fought harder than the final score would indicate and got strong jammer play from Mouse and Charlie Hustle but Minnesota was not to be denied. Minnesota was strong till the very end finishing with a power jam that extended their lead and resulted in a 218 – 81 final score.

Minnesota heads to the semifinals and will face the winner of Detroit / Brewcity at 1pm on Saturday; the winner has a guaranteed trip to Championships. Madison is eliminated from contention for Championships for the first time since 2008; they’ll head to the consolation rounds and will play Chicago Outfit Saturday at 9am.

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