North Central Quarterfinal: 1NC Windy City Blows Past 8NC Arch Rival, 200-82


INDIANAPOLIS, IN — A spirited Arch Rival squad was no match against the speed and strength of the top seeded Windy City Rollers, who marched their way into Saturday’s semifinals with a 200-82 drubbing of St. Louis.

Jackie Daniels anchored a bruising Windy City defense that held St. Louis scoreless for 14 minutes before Black Market Baby put up her team’s first points for a 57-9 deficit. St. Louis would score only twice more in the half for a 111-18 Windy City halftime lead. Chicago’s defense particularly shone in three two-minute no-pass jams against Arch Rival’s jammers.

St. Louis did not give up in the fight, putting together a 23-16 run in the first eight minutes of the second half. However, Windy City called a timeout while still ahead by 84, and erased all of Arch Rival’s gains in a single jam from Varla Vendetta, whose pack allowed her to pass seemingly untouched for five scoring passes and 23 points.

With Arch Rival trailing 150-43 and about 19:10 left in the game, May Require Stitches stepped up to the jammer line for the first time for Arch Rival. Combining deft foot work and dodges, Stitches put up her team’s biggest single score of the game with 19. She would lead all Arch Rival jammers with 28 points in just four jams.

That got Arch Rival back within 100 points at 153-62, and they spent most of the next ten minutes trying to keep WCR from making the lead triple digits. They’d finally give it up on a 8-0 to Windy City’s Beth Amphetamine with about nine minutes left; that jam made it 177-70, and Windy padded it a little to win by 118 at 200-82. Still, though, Arch Rival was able to score something of a moral victory by making the second half’s score a very respectable 89-64 for Windy City.

Windy City rotated a primary corps of four jammers, with Varla Vendetta unofficially leading the way with 90 points, followed by Beth Amphetamine with 42 and Athena DeCrime with 35.

The game was surprisingly clean, with just five jammer penalties, and power jams played almost no role in Chicago’s margin of victory. Leads won were surprisingly close, with the edge going to Windy City 20-16.

Windy City advances to Saturday night’s marquee semifinal bout and will face the winner of Friday night’s marquee bout, Cincinnati vs Naptown. Arch Rival is eliminated from contention for Championships and will face either Ohio, Cincinnati or Naptown in the consolation round Saturday at 5:30pm.

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