Noble skate-snake; A scenario! You've been granted dictatorial presidency of the WFTDA/MRDA empire. What are the first five rules changes you will make?

Interesting question!
Most of the “rules” I would change aren’t things in the rule book, they’re more big picture/structural issues. 

Off the top of my head:
#1 - Restructure the rules writing process. Players would vote on issues that need to be addressed, retired skaters and officials would write the rules, then a technical editor (from outside the derby world) would make sure those rules can be easily comprehended by average skaters. 

#2 - Treat track cuts like false starts. Skaters get a warning and the opportunity to yield advantage gained before getting a penalty.

#3 - After the rules are easier to understand because of #1, make the written test players have to pass in order to get on a bout roster as hard as getting a 90% on Test O’Matic.

#4 - Transparency. No more NDAs. Period. Release the rules under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

#5 - Change the ranking formula so teams don’t get any benefit from winning by over 100 points.

I’ll extend the same question to all my readers: What are the first 5 things you’d change if you were in charge of WFTDA/MRDA?

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