Noam Bombsky


Name: Noam Bombsky
Derby Number: 57
What does your derby name mean to you? It’s a play on the name of linguist, political theorist, cognitive psychologist, and general renaissance man Noam Chomsky.
Favorite Position: Blocker
How you found out about roller derby: My friend dragged me to a practice because she really wanted to try it and didn’t want to go alone. I ended up loving it (and my friend became an awesome fan)!
Date you started with Jacksonville Roller Girls: I transferred to JRG at the end of 2013.
Favorite moment during a bout: They’re all a blur!
Favorite moment during an after party: The time we fiiiiinally got Krispy Kreme-Her to sing at karaoke.
Favorite after party drink: Beer: any and all.
Favorite bout you played in: I haven’t played any bouts with JRG yet, so thus far, the time my former team (the Gainesville Roller Rebels) played the Atlanta Rollergirls. They were the highest ranked team we had played at that point and it was my first time being a pivot, so I was basically terrified. We totally got our butts kicked, but we learned so much and I left that bout feeling very proud of how hard we all worked and how far we had come as a team. We also beat their B team the next day, which only added to great feelings!
What are your favorite skates? I’m still looking for them!
What are your favorite wheels? I have a few go-to sets for different types of floors, but they’re actually all different brands and models. I’m an equal-opportunity wheel buyer!
Do you have a derby wife? She had to retire at the end of 2013, but Dixie Darlin will always be my main squeeze.
What should an opponent know about you? I’m small but I’m scrappy!
What should your fans know about you? That nothing pumps me up like a enthusiastic crowd, so get loud and help us win!

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