New Heathers Draft: Story Johnson

Lets meet another new draftee to the Heartless Heathers:
Name: Story
Photo by Regularman

Photo by Regularman

Derby Name (if you have one):
Haven’t decided yet, hoping for some help with that!
How did you first come to learn about derby?
My sister-in-law asked if my husband and I wanted to go to a bout.
What took you from fan to skater?
The moment I watched that bout. I remember sitting there and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the game. I was falling in love.
My heart was pounding the entire game.  I turned to my husband and said: “I want to do this!” and he said: “So do it”. And of course I was like: “Do you think I can do it?” and he said: “I think you can do anything”.
What were your first experiences on skates?
I skated a tiny bit as a kid. But more recently, I took the Derby 101 class at Oaks Park. Ryan {my husband} went with me in support.
And oh man, it was hilarious. I was a baby deer. I left thinking how could I possible do this?! What have I gotten myself into?
Photo by Regularman

Photo by Regularman

Who helped you or influenced you the most during the early days? Once I signed up for the Wreckers program the first step is always Derby 101. And my first coach was Wrathmatica. I remember the moment I met her and I will never for the rest of my life forget her. She was kind and patient. She expected us to apply what we were learning and to push ourselves. That was something I was looking for. Feliz Brutality was another one of my coaches in 101, I admired {and still do} how freely she moved with her skates on. Roarshock Tess, and Winnie the Pow were two of my first Wreckers coaches. Their smiles, positive energy, and clear communication were so incredibly important to me. And Minstrel Psycho. My derby mama. She always believed in me, and never held back in telling me that.

When did you tryout for Fresh Meat?
It was December 19th 2013. It was the first Christmas I was celebrating and I knew if I made it it would be the BEST Christmas present!
What was your experience like on Fresh Meat?
It’s so hard to find the right words. I was told it would be this huge competition, no camaraderie, you’d be fighting for a spot on home teams, and it’s all about politics. I went into Fresh Meat with a sincere determination to fall in love with my FM team. I wanted to love these women and be loved by them. I wanted to make this the best experience of my life. And that’s exactly what happened. I let the negative thoughts of those people wash away, and I just skated and bonded with these women. And I love them all so much. They helped me be a better me.
Any advice you would give to skaters thinking of trying out for Fresh Meat? DO IT!!! Just go. Give it your all, and don’t let anyone shape your experience for you. You make it what you want it to be.
What was draft day like for you?
Before or after? HAHA! My husband was incredible at keeping me as calm as one can be in this situation. He helped me focus on the positives even if I wasn’t drafted. And then I met up with my girls for Sushi. Couldn’t really eat. But beer helped! Being with my meaties really helped the nerves. Until the phones started going off… I was the first one to receive the message and to the surprise of no one I balled like a baby.
What makes you most excited about the upcoming season?
Working as a team. I was raised in a very strict religious household, I was never allowed to play any sports or  be involved in extracurricular activities. So this has literally been a lifelong dream come true.
Who on your new team are you most excited to skate with?
Right, because I am going to pick one!! Each and every one of them has something to teach me, I just hope I have what they are looking for in a teammate, and something I can give them in return.
Photo by Regularman

Photo by Regularman

Anything else that you would like to say.
 I want to thank everyone who believed in me. Especially my husband. There were so many times that I wanted to stay home because I was tired, or because I missed spending time with him. And he knew the whole time that this was a dream of mine, and didn’t ever want to stand in the way of that. Without him I wouldn’t have made a home team. And that is something I am forever grateful for.

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