New GNR Draft: Hound

It’s time to get to know another member of the latest draft class.

Let me introduce the Hound of BadAsskervilles. Like her new GNR teammates, you can just call her Hound.

Photo by Regularman
Photo by Regularman

How did you choose that name?
I love reading and I really love Victorian detective novels. When I started thinking about derby names, I immediately started thinking about Sherlock Holmes.

How did you first come to learn about derby?
Living in Portland, it’s just kind of around. I went to a few bouts with friends and was always so impressed and fascinated by it.

What took you from fan to skater?
A friend of mine really wanted to join Wreckers. I thought it sounded fun, so I bought some gear and went to orientation. She never ended up going, but I figured it would be a fun thing to try out. I never imagined how much it would take over my life!

What were your first experiences on skates?
Terrifying! Having wheels on your feet is a whole different thing. I was afraid to lift my foot over the little foam bumper thing around the track. Once I got a little more stable it felt like I was flying. I was hooked!

Who helped you or influenced you the most during the early days?
I think all of the awesome people on Wreckers. I defy you to find a more supportive, awesome, and encouraging group of women. It is super intimidating being in Wreckers when you’re just starting out. They are so good! But they are quick to welcome you immediately start encouraging you and pushing you to be better.

Photo by Regularman
Photo by Regularman

What was your experience like on Fresh Meat?
Fresh Meat was a tough challenge for me. I have never done sports, so Fresh Meat was the first time I really had to deal with treating food as fuel and making sure I ate enough. It seems so simple, but it actually took me awhile to figure out I was tired all the time because I wasn’t eating right. It’s so important!
Mostly Fresh Meat was fun and challenging. It’s such an amazing group of people who show up to work hard and have fun. Everyone is so supportive of each other too, which was really nice.

Any advice you would give to skaters thinking of trying out for Fresh Meat?
DO IT!! That’s it. Just do it.

What makes you most excited about the upcoming season?
I know I will have a lot of work to do before I can expect to be on a roster, so for now I’m just really excited to get to know my team and start working to get as good as they are.

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