Naughty vs. Nice

Were you naughty or were you nice? If you’re in derby, you’re likely a little bit of both (but probably more naughty).

Photo by Bernie Laframboise

The Oakland Derby Diamonds hosted their first mixed scrimmage last weekend with a Naughty vs. Nice theme in honor of the Christmas holiday. Naughty Red skated against Nice Green in a scrimmage double-header with skaters from all over Michigan, including a few Mavens. Jahrmageddon skated in both scrimmages first for Naughty, then for Nice in the second bou, Carmen Slam-Diego skated with Naughty and Jasmine Rice for Nice both in the first bout. Geoknitter and Kimmi Kill X joined the ranks of NSOs, while I got to watch the action from the merchandise table.

One of the highlights of the bout was the introduction of the revised 2013 WFTDA ruleset – this means no minors, and just one whistle to release both the jammers and the blockers among a handful of other important changes. Geoknitter was jam-timing, and she had to learn how to get out of the way of those zebras pretty fast!Jahrmageddon

It was great to watch, though. The action starts right away and the blockers have to get their strategy down as soon as they hit the track. Want to get your teammates out of the box? Want to run down the clock so the other team can’t make a last-jam come back? Too bad! And with no minor elbows, forearms, or back blocks, the action’s likely to pick up with bigger hits and more aggressive skating.

So come and check out the next mixed scrimmage on January 5 hosted by Eastside Derby Girls (EDG) in Roseville, MI. You’ll be able to see some of your favorite Mavens skating for either Boxers or Briefs.

Jahrmageddon squares off to jam for red. Photo by Bernie Laframboise


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