NWARD Red, White, and Blue Derby

1558421_653061389151_799062052_nJanuary 12, 2014 –Dressed in their finest attire, the ladies and gentleman of the Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby League met at The Speakeasy to celebrate and reminisce on what turned out to be a very successful season for both the All-Stars and Natural Disasters. It was a time to give out awards, remember the past, and have a little fun. NWARD would like to congratulate all the skaters, coaches, Refs, NSOs, and volunteers for another wonderful year and for more to come.

And the 2013 Awards go to (in no particular order)….

UnSkinny Wop #4:All Star Team Leadership,All Star Best Encourager & Best Mentor 99 Problems  #215: All Star Ms. Congeniality & Smelliest Gear Karma-lecktrack #27: All Star Most Improved La Bomba #23: All Star Blocker of the Year & Most Intimidating JoAnn of Arc #407:All Star Jammer of the Year,  All Star MVP/Athlete of the Year,  Most Likely to Win at the After Party & Best Boutfit Venus DeMonic #1820: Natural Disaster Team Leadership Anger Management #76: Natural Disaster Ms. Congeniality & Natural Disaster Best Encourager Kat Krash Fever #1976: Natural Disaster Most Improved  & Most Reliable Boombox #1986: Natural Disaster  Blocker of the Year Brusin’ Tedeschi #6: Natural Disaster Jammer of the Year & Natural Disaster MVP/Athlete of the Year Sin #7: Best League Spirit & Most Dedicated Dutch Mess #916:Most Underrated: &  Best Backside J Lowe Blow #25: Rookie of the Year Jaims #47: Most Knowledgeable Jendetta #36:  Best Injury Blakely Johnson #00: Best On-Track Partner Jett #G6: Most Versatile


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