NC Semifinal: 1NC Windy City Bests 5NC Ohio, 187-135


NIAGARA FALLS, NY — Top seed Windy City extended their North Central undefeated streak to 27 in a row with a 187-135 win over 5 seed Ohio, but were made to work very hard for it. Ohio took an early lead but once Windy retook that lead they never looked in serious danger of losing it, despite a host of second-half penalties.

Three 5-0 jams in the first five minutes opened Windy’s account before Ohio responded–but respond they did. Jackie Daniels was boxed on a major cut letting Pippi RipYourStockings give Ohio an 18-5 lead. The lead changed twice after Jackie Daniels escaped from the box and both jammers completed passes–with almost ten minutes gone, Ohio led 22-19.

Kola Loka restored Windy’s lead in the next jam with a natural 10-0 over Kitty Liquorbottom. Windy’s penalty problems over the next few jams stopped them getting lead jam calls and pushing the score forwards in anything but bite-size chunks.

Phoenix Bunz did a great job holding Kola Loka as The Smacktivist took an eight-point chunk out of the Windy lead with only two blockers to beat. Pippi RipYourStockings then did a number on Athena Da Crime for several laps as Kitty Liqourbottom took her turn lapping up some points to bring the score back to 53-39 with 10 minutes to go in the first period. That gap was closed to 55-43 with some strong offense from the whole Ohio pack letting Phoenix Bunz take a 4-0 over Kola Loka, despite only having a third of a track on the Windy jammer.

The lead hovered around the 20-point mark until Ol’ Drrrty Go-Go forced a major cut on Kitty, and Jackie Daniels closed the half out with a massive power jam to give Windy a much more comfortable lead than the balance of play deserved, at 98-48.

A 4-0 for Kola was followed by a powerjam for Kitty Liquorbottom when Jackie was boxed on another major cut–but Varla Vendetta and Ol’ Drrrty Go-Go showed strong defense to limit the damage. Jackie got credit for her first pass when she emerged from the box, leaving the score at 107-60. Phoenix Bunz skipped over the apex next jam to cut the lead to 43, but Varla put a stop to the comeback in the next jam with a 9-0 as ‘Ol Drrrty Go-Go was again the saviour for Windy as she sat on Ohio’s HellionBOI.

Lorraine Acid then had a power jam during her first turn with the star when Kola Loka was boxed. The scoreboard read 116-74 when Kola came out of the box and went straight back in on a major back block call as she tried to dance round the inside of turn one. Ohio managed three more points that jam, and only five during the entire duration of that penalty. But Kola took a third trip in a row and let the Smacktivist pull Ohio back to within 24 at 116-92.

Two jams later Varla Vendetta got to line up unopposed when Loraine Acid was boxed at the end of the intervening jam. Stout defence from Kill Basa and Paige Bleed limited the damage on the powerjam–but it wasn’t enough as Varla did most of her scoring once Loraine escaped and was trapped by a Windy four wall, putting the lead up to 140-92.

Ska Face gave Ohio a powerjam next time out but Jackie Daniels controlled HellionBOI for almost the entire minute, and Ska Face nicked some points at the death to leave the score at 144-97. A 14-0 for Kola Loka pushed Windy’s lead to a bout-high 61 with a little over ten minutes left.

A few more low scoring jams edged Windy further ahead before KonichiWOW had a big first jam and pushed that lead to 171-99, before being boxed on a major cut on her fourth scoring pass. That gave The Smacktivist a powerjam next time out–but she got boxed on a cut of her own on her very first scoring pass. That jam ran the whole two minutes, leaving Windy with a comfortable 178-110 lead with under two minutes left on the clock. Three points for HellionBOI took the game into its last minute. Smacktivist picked up a quickfire 4-0 before calling it with 30 seconds left, letting her team call a time-out to force a final jam.

A long official time-out saw Amy Spears for Ohio take herself to the locker room after fouling out. The final jam saw plenty of action, though, with Phoenix Bunz boxed on a high block after a big hit on Varla, and Varla boxed herself on a back block during her scoring pass. That let The Smacktivist cut the deficit to 50–exactly where it was at halftime. The two points that Varla notched up before being boxed were then added to Windy’s total, meaning the game finished 187-135.

Windy City head on the championship bout at 6pm tomorrow, and will be heading to Atlanta to Championships. Ohio play off for third place and a trip of their own to Atlanta at 4pm tomorrow against the loser of Minnesota vs Naptown.

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