NC Playoffs: 9NC Brewcity Edges 8NC Chicago Outfit, 129-121


NIAGARA FALLS, NY — In the opening game of the 2012 WFTDA North Central Playoffs, 9 seed Brewcity managed to get revenge for an early-season 11 point loss to the 8th seeded Chicago Outfit. Although there were five lead changes and a tie in the first 18 minutes, Brewcity looked to be in control for most of the second half — until a furious Outfit rally tied the game at 121 with under four minutes left. Brewcity shut the Outfit out on the last three jams, though, and won 129-121 to advance to the quarterfinals.

Brewcity was hampered in the game as they were missing a major roster element in injured Skittle, but got a very strong performance from Carrie A. Hacksaw, who had game-changing moments as both a blocker and a jammer in the last three minutes.

The game ended up starting with an extended delay as the opening platoons took the track but had to wait for about 10 minutes for the scoreboard to be properly set up; once the technical difficulties were sorted, the first jam was a 0-0 between the Outfit’s Lola Blow and Brewcity’s Zotay. Scooter got Brewcity on the board in jam 2 with a 5-0 next, but the Outfit got their first lead jammer call and points on a 2-0 jam 3 to Silkk Assassin.

Jam 4 went full-length as neither Zotay nor Lola Blow got lead, but Lola got the advantage as effective work from Lady K, Pain Gwen and Kim Mortal allowed the Outfit to win the jam 13-7 and take the lead 15-12 with 24 minutes to play in the first half.

That lead didn’t last very long , though, as Brewcity’s Scooter had a little time to work with a 4-2 Brewcity pack and converted it to a 7-0 win to put Brewcity back in front, 19-15. Carrie A. Hacksaw added 3 more next to make it 22-15. On the next jam, it was the Outfit that had a lopsided 4-2 pack advantage; Lola Blow grabbed a quick 4-0 and called it off in time to pass the 4-2 pack to Silkk Assassin. Good defense from Frank Hurt’er and Servin’ Justice managed to keep the damage contained even as it eventually became an Outfit power jam, and Slikk could only get 3 points out of it; that would, though, tie the game at 22 with 18 minutes in the first half.

The Outfit’s Queefer Sutherland had some power jam time to work with, but cut track to the box in her first scoring pass; still, though, Brewcity’s Romaniac was stuffed by Outfit D in the power jam and it ended with the Outfit up 27-22.

Again, though, it was a short-lived advantage for the Chicago team. Three jams later, a 4-0 for Carrie A. Hacksaw put Brewcity ahead 29-27 with 12:25 to play in the opening half. A high hit from Outfit jammer Suzie Crotchrot gave Brewcity’s High D Voltage a key power jam next; even with Chicago holding a 4-2 pack advantage for most of it, High D scrambled her way to the biggest jam of the game so far with a 11-0. Counting into the last ten minutes of the half, Brewcity led 41-27.

Even when the Outfit was able to get lead jams or power jam advantages, they were consistently unable to eat into the Brewcity lead; on the other hand, Brewcity was only able to nickel and dime their way up. Over the final ten minutes, Brewcity added 9 more points to their lead and went into the break leading 73-50.

Brewcity kicked off the second half with three shutout wins in a row, building a 83-50 lead about five minutes deep in the half. On the fourth jam, both Silkk Assassin and Scooter were boxed as jammers, allowing the Outfit to finally get back on the scoreboard in a full-length 3-2. The next one was also full-length but a much higher-scoring affair, as Lola Blow and Carrie A. Hacksaw repeatedly lapped a very disorganized, very penalty-heavy pack; it’d go 16-11 to Lola and it was 97-68 Brewcity with about 21 minutes to play.

At the 15 minute point, the Outfit was in increasing trouble at 116-70, but got a badly needed big jam from Silkk Assassin, who ran up a 14-0 while Brewcity jammer Grace Killy was battered; Lola Blow added 2 more on the followup and the Outfit had the makings of a rally, trailing by 30 at 116-86 with 11:14 to play.

A few jams later, Brewcity’s Scooter gave up a very damaging powerjam to Lola Blow, who got the sparse morning crowd to perk up with 18 critical points, narrowing the Brewcity lead to 14 points at 121-107 with 6:05 to play. Bloody Elle took the jam star on the other side of the power jam, Scooter was quickly sent back to the box upon returning, and it looked like the Outfit was going to finally get back in front. But just as Bloody Elle was about to complete her third scoring pass, Brewcity blocker Carrie A. Hacksaw forced a key track cut at the front of the pack with a graceful backwards hip-check, sending Elle to the box. When the full length jam ended, it was all tied up at 121-121 with 3:28 to play.

Outfit blockers Lady K and Hero Shima killed most of the remainder of Elle’s penalty on the other side of the power jam, but Zotay still managed to pick up 4 and put Brewcity up 125-121.

After a 0-0 next, it was Carrie A Hacksaw vs Silkk Assassin with just over a minute to play; Hacksaw took lead, four points and wisely kept the jam running. As it turned out, she didn’t need to go back in the pack at all: Silkk Assassin committed a major track cut before scoring any points. Hacksaw hung back and waited out the clock before calling it off, and Brewcity scored an immediate upset to kick off the NC playoffs, 129-121.

Brewcity moves on to play top seed Windy City at 4pm this afternoon; the Outfit will play the loser of Naptown / Detroit at 10am Saturday.

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