NC Playoffs: 1NC Windy City Brutalizes 9NC Brewcity, 315-76


NIAGARA FALLS, NY–A first half blighted by jammer penalties wasn’t enough to slow Windy’s progress to the semifinals and extend their in-region unbeaten streak over Milwaukee’s unfancied ninth-seeded Brewcity Bruisers with a 315-75 win.

A natural 20-0 for Athena da Crime after a little over five minutes of Windy dominance showed the speed and skill of Windy’s jamming line-up, while only losing a full minute-long powerjam 11-8 in the very next jam showed off the relative power of Windy’s blockers–and set the pattern that was repeated five times over the course of the first half as Windy’s jammers went to the box six times, but the Chicago team only gave up a total of 37 points.

Four powerjams given up by Brewcity combined with the trouble their jammers had with the physicality of the Windy packs to give Windy a 160-37 lead at the half. Both teams cleaned up a little in the second half with Windy only adding one more jammer box trip to their total–but that didn’t affect either teams scoring rate much.

Windy didn’t manage to make their general dominance really count over the first half of the period, only managing to combine jammer sloppiness with stout defence several times as they were forced to defend the first few of those powerjams, keeping the lead at around 50 points until High D Voltage was boxed just after Varla Vendetta scored her second natural grand slam of the jam with a little under fifteen minutes gone. When that jam was done the lead was 75, with Windy leading 103-28 with 11 minutes left in the half.

34 more points were added by Windy over two jams either side of another jammer penalty for Brewcity before Varla was boxed after a few scrappy jams that saw Brewcity put a few points on the board. KonichiWOW and Sargentina combined in that powerjam to hold Skittle on her second pass with smart positional work and brutal hitting until Varla emerged from the box–letting Varla win the powerjam against her 10-5, neatly summing up the half’s problems for both teams. Windy’s sixth jammer penalty of the half came right at the end of the half when Kola Loka took a seat.

Bloody Cupcake only managed to add four before Kola Loka was released, but Scooter had a chance to make up for some missed opportunities in the first half when Kola was boxed yet again very shortly after being released–she managed to get 8 points up before calling it.

Brewcity’s offence limited Windy’s scoring in the first couple of jams of the second period, but when Scooter was boxed in the third jam four a fourth battle after a long bruising fight with Sargentine with Phoebe Fi Fo Fum lapping Windy reasserted their dominance.

Kola Loka finished off the powerjam and pushed Windy into a 189-49 lead. Varla pushed the lead to 209-49 as Ruth Enasia controlled Skittle before Frank Hurt’er pushed Brewcity past 50 after a rare lead call for Brewcity. Zote made it two lead calls in a row before being boxed after a botched apex jump on her scoring pass. Windy used their physical dominance to set-up some hard-hitting one-one one offence to ensure Phoebe Fi Fo Fum could roll through unopposed for a 25-0.

Brewcity had something of a rally as the half drew to a close cutting Windy’s lead to just shy of 180. Phoebe used a powerjam to give Windy a 198-point lead as the game entered its last five minutes. Athena Da Crime pushed the lead to 211. Hometown favourite KoniciWOW took the star for a 25-0 jam to take the game into its dying seconds, with Windy leading 313-76. Ex-Brewcity star Moby Nipps took the star for the final jam of the game and called it after scoring two when she was taken down on her scoring pass.

The bout finished 315-76; Windy go on to face the winner of Arch Rival and Ohio at 2pm tomorrow in the first semifinal, while Brewcity play in the consolation rounds at 6pm.

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