NC Playoffs: 10NC Madison Cows 7NC Cincinnati, 290-91


NIAGARA FALLS, NY — In the meeting between 7 seed Cincinnati and 10 Madison, the seeding bore absolutely no relationship to the scoreboard.

A penalty-heavy first half featuring 10 jammer box trips and 87 total penalties let Madison end the contest very early on. Cincinnati accounted for two-thirds of the penalties and box time in the first period and gave up a 95-point lead to the lower-ranked Mad Rollin’ Dolls in the process. The second half was slightly more even in terms of penalties, but not points; by the final whistle, Madison had recorded a crushing upset, 290-91.

A 24-0 powerjam for Madison’s Wildberry Punch in jam five with six and a half minutes gone set the tone for the bout. While Cincinnati got some points on the board in the aftermath, when Wheezy was boxed on a major cut half way through the period Wildberry Punch had another chance to dance through the Cincinnati pack unopposed. When that jam was done, Madison found themselves holding a 67-16 lead — and they only pushed on from there.

The Dairyland Dolls picked up their third powerjam of the half when Nuk’em was boxed on a major forearm. It was Hazed and Contused’s turn to make light work of the Black Sheep’s pack — she pushed the Dairyland Dolls to a 108-20 lead with a little under 10 minutes left in the half.

It was jammer musical chairs in the penalty box in the succeeding minutes, as Cincinnati’s Kitten Kicker got a chance to lessen that gap when Mack the Knife was boxed — but she was boxed herself after 15 points on a fourth minor. Kicker was released in the next jam when Madison’s Mouse headed to the sin bin.

Kicker found herself overwhelmed by Darling Nikki in the Madison pack, and attempted to pass the star to Wheezy — and much confusion followed. The aftermath saw the score at 123-33 and the period clock frozen at 4:23 for a brief official time-out. That OTO left Kitten Kicker in the box wearing the star, letting Hazed and Contused push the Dairyland Dolls’ lead to 128-33 before getting a major back block call of her own.

This prompted a second round of jammer musical chairs — and the next jam started with no jammer at all. Both teams added five points in the confusion and the final jams of the half were a wash; Madison went into halftime with a 133-38 lead.

Wheezy opened the second half for Cincinnati with a 3-0 over Wildberry Punch and Hannah Barbaric made it two lead calls from two, but called it at 0-0. The Black Sheep’s momentum stumbled when Nuk’em was boxed as the jammer in jam three and, with a 3-1 pack advantage, Mouse had no trouble extending the Dolls’ lead to 163-41. There were just a few seconds between Nuk’em being released from the penalty box and Mouse calling the jam, but it was long enough for her to pick up a major back block, handing Madison’s Hazed a power jam of her own. When Nuk’em escaped at last, Cincinnati trailed 195-42.

Several low-scoring jams later, CandyKICKass got a power jam for Cincinnati when Mouse was boxed on a major cut, but called the jam off when she got stuck behind Wildberry Punch. Wheezy finished off the power jam and pushed the Black Sheep past 50, making it 201-59 in Madison’s favor with 14 minutes on the clock.

Another round of jammer musical chairs, this time between Nuk’em and Sugalumps, saw both teams add points and bring the scores to 221-62. Wildberry Punch added 14 points for Madison over a still-boxed Nuk’em in the next jam, before both Wheezy and Magic Missile racked up multiple scoring passes to leave the score at Madison 250, Cincinnati 75.

The Dairyland Dolls ran the clock in the game’s closing jams as both teams rested their primary jammers in preparation for the rest of the tournament. Appropriately enough for this penalty-heavy game, Darling Nikki closed out the bout with one last power jam and at the final whistle, the Dairyland Dolls skated out with a 290-91 victory.

Madison will advance to face 2 seed Minnesota in Friday’s final game at 8pm Eastern; Cincinnati will enter the consolation rounds and play the loser of Arch Rival / Ohio on Saturday at noon.

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