NC Consolation: 9NC Brewcity Downs 4NC Arch Rival, 126-123


NIAGARA FALLS, NY — Arch Rival and Brewcity fought the bout of the tournament so far in a back-and-forth encounter that saw innumerable lead changes, an expulsion and a last-jam victory for the underdogs from Milwaukee. Brewcity’s 126-123 win means the ninth seed team can finish no lower than sixth, and the fourth seed Arch Rival are going home no higher than seven.

Brewcity opened their account with a quickfire 3-0–and when Black Market Baby skated the well-worn path to the penalty box in the second jam of the game, Carrie A Hacksaw made it 16-0, despite some trouble with an early 4-2 pack disadvantage as her blockers were in two minds as to whether they should disengage or help out.

Brewcity continued to get the better of the opening exchanges until Scooter was boxed on a major back block. Stout defense limited Mighty Mighty Boston’s scoring but the score was closed to 27-14.

Several jams later South City Shiner squirmed her way through a 4-2 pack disadvantage to get a lead call–and when handed Arch Rival’s second power jam she gave the team their first lead of the game, with Skittle watching helplessly from the box. Once that was done Arch Rival had turned the bout around, and found themselves with a 46-27 lead.

Bloody Cupcake had cut that lead to five in her first jam before Black Market Baby took her seat in the box again. Cupcake called it and Strykher took her first turn with the star of the weekend to finish off the powerjam. She tied it up before Black Market Baby was released, and was forced into a call before scoring any more.

Downtown Dallis restored Arch Rival’s lead before Carrie A Hacksaw gave Brewcity a 49-48 lead. A natural grand slam for Mighty Mighty Boston and three more made it 56-49 as Arch Rival’s offense wrought havoc with Brewcity’s pack. Servin’ Justice and May Require Stitches starred in the pack for Arch Rival and Brewcity respectively during a tense period before halftime as Arch Rival kept their noses in front as they closed the half out, leading 65-62, even with the teams trading power jams.

The lead evaporated in the first 30 seconds of the half as Zo-Tay put up a 7-0 to give Brewcity a 69-65 lead. Six consecutive lead calls gave Brewcity nine points over six high-speed jams to stretch their lead further as they held Arch Rival scoreless. Arch Rival broke that run with a lead call with eight minutes gone in the period, but a huge and well-timed hit kept Arch Rival scoreless. South City Shiner broke the ARRG duck for the half next jam, though with a 9-0 to bring the game back to within three points.

Zo-Tay was boxed in the next jam after Downtown Dallis got Arch Rival’s third lead call in a row and put up a 17-0 jam to retake the lead, leaving the score at 91-77 with 19 minutes left. Boston made it four in a row and cashed in two points; Black Market Baby made it five and added one more–mirroring Brewcity’s low-scoring dominance of lead jam calls minutes earlier.

The chain was again broken by a powerjam–but unfortunately for Brewcity it was Zo-Tay going to the box again. She was, though, released very quickly after a back block by opposing jammer South City Shiner and the jam ended with a 16-point lead for Arch Rival. Carrie A Hacksaw cut the deficit to 12 in the next jam before Skittle had her first success with the star to cut the lead to 3–and as the jam ended, so did Mighty Mighty Boston’s bout. She was expelled for an intentional block to the head and gave Brewcity a power jam in the process.

Romaniac then put up five to retake the lead and handed the final few seconds of the powerjam to Bloody Cupcake as she struggled with the Arch Rival pack on her second scoring pass. Cupcake made the lead 10 before calling it as Shimmy Hoffa emerged from the box having served Boston’s time.

Downtown Dallis retook the lead for Arch Rival with under four minutes to go. May Require Stitches took the star for the very first time and made that three-point lead seven with under two minutes left on the clock. Zo-Tay brought Brewcity within two points–and then pushed her team into a 3 point lead as Servin’ Justice laid hit after hit on Downtown Dallis.

The bout ended 126-123 to Brewcity. The Brewcity Bruisers play the fifth-place playoff at 2 p.m. tomorrow; Arch Rival play off for seventh at noon.

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