NC Consolation: 6NC Detroit Contains 8NC Chicago Outfit, 174-58


NIAGARA FALLS, NY — 6NC Detroit and 8NC Chicago Outfit — two teams coming off close, disappointing losses on Friday — met in the first consolation-round bout on Saturday morning at the North Central Playoffs. Crushing defense from the Detroit crew, led by boo d livers, Fatal Femme and Bruisie Siouxxx, repeatedly battered and bottled up Chicago’s jammers, and Detroit was in control of the game from the very first jam on the way to a very convincing 174-58 victory.

Detroit’s defense was particularly relentless in the second half, holding the Outfit to a mere 20 points over the final 30 minutes of the game; additionally, the Outfit was particularly hampered by jammer penalties, losing their primary jammer Lola Blow 5 times to the box in the first half alone.

The Outfit lost Lola for the first time less than a minute into the game, leading to an opening big whack of points for Detroit’s Roxanna Hardplace as Detroit brought the pack to a complete halt — Detroit was up 20-0 after the first two minutes. When the second jam started, Chicago had only two blockers out on the track and Detroit’s Racer McChaseher put up five to give Detroit a 25-0 lead.

After a 0-0 third jam, the Outfit finally got on the scoreboard in a 4-4 jam in which both jammers were boxed; next, the Outfit suffered their third jammer penalty of the first ten minutes when Slikk Assassin was boxed on a 4th minor for intentionally skating out of bounds. Once again, Detroit halted the pack; jammer Lazer Beam added 10 to Detroit’s total, and after ten minutes, it was 39-4 Detroit.

The Outfit picked up their first two lead jammer calls of the game next but only got 4 points out of them on a 0-0, 4-0 sequence, and lost their jammer for the 4th time in the game next; Detroit’s Ally Sin Shoverland negotiated a determined but light Chicago pack of Kim Mortal and Helsa Wayton to take 10-0. At the midway point of the first half, Detroit led 49-8.

It wasn’t until there were under 11 minutes in the half that the Outfit finally broke into double digits on a 4-0 to Lola Blow, but her team was in a significant hole by that time at 62-12. Chicago would get a little more offense going in the last ten minutes of the half, but only cut into the Detroit lead by 6 points; at the break, Detroit was solidly up 82-38.

The second half started much like the first – with Lola Blow in the penalty box and the Outfit being blanked repeatedly on the scoreboard. Detroit broke into triple digits at 104-38 with 22 minutes to play and the Outfit wasn’t able to score for the first 13 minutes of the half. Even when they did, it was just a single point, putting the score at 120-39.

The Outfit only scored in seven jams for the entire second half, most coming in the final ten minutes when the game was far out of hand; in the end Detroit won by 116 at 174-58.

Detroit plays again at 8pm against 10NC Madison; the Outfit will be battling to stay out of the cellar in Sunday morning’s 9th place game against either 7NC Cincinnati or 4NC Arch Rival.

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