NC Consolation: 6NC Detroit Bottles Up 10NC Madison, 204-116


NIAGARA FALLS, NY — 6NC Detroit continued showing off a stout, punishing defense in the final game of Saturday action at the North Central playoffs, hammering a game but overmatched 10NC Madison crew to a final score of 204-116. Madison played Detroit evenly for the first and last 15 minutes of the game, but the middle of the contest was marked by serious penalty trouble for Madison that allowed Detroit to build up a big cushion.

With their second win of the day, Detroit qualified for tomorrow’s 5th place game against surprising Brewcity; Madison will play for 7th place against Arch Rival.

The first half had a bit of a staccato pace, marked a higher than average amount of official timeouts to rectify some complicated situations — including, on one memorable occasion, a need to clean up blood on the track around the penalty box.

Madison took the first three lead jam calls of the game, but was in a 14-10 hole nonetheless as both jammers were boxed on jam 2. When Detroit got their first lead jam call to Ally Sin Shoverland, she’d ring up 9 unanswered points to give Detroit a 23-10 lead about seven minutes into the game.

Stiff Detroit defense kept Madison blanked through a three jam series that saw Detroit inch their lead up to 31-10, but Magic Missile got a lap point during a 9-0 jam against Cookie Rumble with the help of Busta Crimes beating on Cookie. That narrowed it to 31-19 with 19 minutes in the half.

The teams continued to trade lead jammer status and jam wins for the next three, but Detroit narrowly got the better of them as Madison got in very serious blocker penalty trouble that left them with zero blockers on the track for a couple of moments. Just a quarter into the game, Madison’s key double-threat Mouse was sitting on 4 box trips. Madison called their first timeout with 15:13 left in the first half and a scoreboard deficit of 54-25.

The Madison timeout turned into a lengthy official timeout that ran to six minutes; at the end of it, Madison’s score was corrected to 21. In good news for Madison, though, the following jam saw Cookie Rumble head to the box as Detroit jammer and leave a very light 2-2 pack on the floor for Magic Missile to gobble up a much-needed 23 points. With 13 minutes left in the half, it was a single-jam game again at 54-44 Detroit.

However, that was as close as it got. Madison handed the power jam advantage back to Detroit when Mack the Knife came in too hot and sent a Detroit blocker flying on a back block; that jam went completely off the rails as Ally Sin Shoverland was also boxed as Detroit jammer and Mack immediately returned to the box on a major misconduct after her release. After that messy frame ended, Detroit had extended the lead to 63-46.

On the other side of the power jam, Roxanna Hardplace started unopposed for Detroit against a 4-3 pack favoring Detroit; a quick lead jam call and effective speed control from her pack got her 7-0 and got Detroit a 69-46 advantage as the period clock entered its last ten minutes. Madison played Detroit tough, but continued losing ground as they gave up three more power jams in the half, with Mack the Knife going twice in the last two minutes. At the break, Detroit had nearly doubled up Madison at 119-62.

On the second jam of the second half, Madison jammer Mouse got in some trouble as she took lead but kept running into big Detroit walls and not calling it off before Roxanna Hardplace started scoring. Mouse had to go for three scoring passes in repeated attempts to get a differential, but still ended up on the wrong side of a 13-9. With Detroit usually claiming lead jammer through the half’s opening minutes, they’d finally get the double-up at 142-71 with 24 minutes to play.

The combination of Madison’s consistently packed penalty box and Detroit’s sizable and tight walls meant Madison was never able to put together any sustained rally, though they’d have occasional bright spots. It was 173-83 at the 15 minute mark and the only question in the late game was whether Madison would be able to keep the final margin from double digits, which they did. The final quarter of the game was almost perfectly even, ending the game at an 88 point win for Detroit, 204-116.

Tomorrow’s placement bouts (all times Eastern) — 9th place: Cincinnati vs Chicago Outfit (10am); 7th place: Arch Rival vs Madison (noon); 5th place: Detroit vs Brewcity (2pm); 3rd place: Naptown vs Ohio (4pm); championship: Windy City vs Minnesota (6pm).

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