NC Consolation: 4NC Arch Rival Outlasts 7NC Cincinnati, 252-102


NIAGARA FALLS, NY–Cincinnati started much more strongly than might have been expected after their demolition by Madison on Friday, taking the lead early, but faded badly in the second half to fall to a 252-102 defeat at the hands of Arch Rival.

Wheezy opened with a 4-0 for Cincinnati and after a scoreless next jam, she was in control of jam three and already scoring when Downtown Dallis was sent to the box. Stout defense from Arch Rival limited her to 10 before she called it with Dallis standing. Hannah Barbaric couldn’t get lead despite lining up unopposed, which meant Dallis could break Arch Rival’s duck with a single point just inside the first five minutes.

CandyKICKass then did a good job controlling South City Shiner to give Wheezy another successful jam, pushing the lead to 17-1. Science Friction laid on some classy offense to free Mighty Mighty Boston at the front of the pack to give Arch Rival a lead call and their first multi-point jam of the game.

Wheezy’s fine run continued as Cincinatti formed a tight rear four-wall around Black Market Betty and she made it 22-5 with 20 minutes to go. Science Friction’s smart offense again gave an Arch Rival jammer lead–but Downtown Dallis couldn’t make the most of it. She was boxed on a high block as she started her scoring pass. The power jam let Nuk’em put up a 9-3 before Dallis was released.

Wheezy went from hero to villain half way through the period though. She picked up a major track cut and, in the ensuing power jam, Mighty Mighty Boston pulled Arch Rival back to within five points at 38-33. She breezed past the Cincinnati packs untouched as her pack drew back and let her get on with it.

Black Market Baby tied it up next jam, then pushed Arch Rival into a lead that they never gave up. Downtown Dallis then extended the lead with assistance from Science Friction running defense, holding Wheezy almost single-handedly. Arch Rival’s defense stayed tight as all their jammers cashed in as Cincinnati kept their box full–and soon the St Louis team had a 69-38 lead.

Kitten Kicker had a chance before the half was done to bring the Black Sheep back into it when Black Market Baby was boxed for her fourth minor–but she only got five points before being boxed herself. Black Market Baby was boxed again on a major cut, though, letting Kicker make the score 69-48 with a little over minute left in the half. CandyKICKass polished off the power jam, making it a 14-point game at the half.

The Black Sheep started the second half with the best of intentions–and made the most of them from the first whistle when Wheezy got lead. But she was forced into a 0-0 call–then penalties again were Cincinnati’s undoing. What was a 14-point game became a 50-point game over a few jams dominated by Arch Rival, with a jammer penalty for Wheezy gifting Arch Rival points.

Arch Rival continued to make their dominance felt over the next few jams 132-63 as Cincinnati kept the box full. Black Market Baby was boxed on a major cut at that point though, And Wheezy put up a 25-0. Baby was then boxed on a major back block within seconds of getting back on the track. Hannah Barbaric couldn’t deal with May Require Stitches in the Arch Rival pack, though, and limited her to a 3-0 jam before the call was forced with the scoreboard reading 132-91.

Cincinnati’s pack penalties continued to cause them problems as Arch Rival again asserted control and slowly pulled ahead. With ten minutes left Nuke ‘em was boxed after getting a rare lead call for the Black Sheep, and Mighty Mighty Boston made the lead 95 before Nuke’em’s points went up to make it 190-98.

Key blocker Sk8r-Kinny fouled out at that point for Cincinnati, and Dallis quickly made the lead a round 100 points. Sailor Scary took a rare turn with the jam star after that but was boxed after letting a number of natural grand slams go, letting South City Shiner pile on the misery for Cincinnati with a 25-0 jam.

A quick game of jammer musical chairs between Cherry Choke and Downtown Dallis added a lengthy official time out and an air of confusion to the game’s final minutes, but made no substantive difference to the result. Sailor Scary had a chance to make the score slightly more respectable in the final jam, but got a major back block on her first scoring pass. A two-minute jam closed out the bout, and Arch Rival skated out 252-102 winners.

Cincinnati proceed to the ninth-place playoff at 10am tomorrow; Arch Rival continue in the consolation rounds with a game against Brewcity at 6pm tonight.

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