NC 9th Place: 7NC Cincinnati Comes Back on 8NC Chicago Outfit, 180-166


NIAGARA FALLS, NY — The Chicago Outfit came out better from a first half that saw seven lead changes in the first ten minutes, taking advantage of some chaos in the Cincinnati packs. But the Cincinnati defense managed to find their game in the second half, allowing the Black Sheep to dig themselves out of a fifty-point hole to take the win and ninth place, 180-166.

It was jam two when the first points were scored–Cincinnati’s K Lethal picked up her first lead jam call of the tournament in her very first jam of the weekend, and called it at 4-2. The next jam saw the first lead change as Lola Blow put up a 3-0; K Lethal restored the lead before Queefer put the Outfit back on top with her scoring pass–but K managed a third lead change of the jam with her second pass.

Silk Assassin retook the lead before K-Lethal took it back for Cincinnati. Jennergizer retook that lead and consolidated with a second pass–giving The Outfit a 6-point 22-16 lead with 9 minutes gone.

Two jams later Suzie Crotchrot pulled off a last-gasp hit in turn one just as Hannah Barbaric was called lead and forced a track cut major on the Cincinnati jammer. Jennergizer Bunny then had serious trouble with K Lethal and the rest of the Cincinnati pack, and didn’t manage to extend the lead during the entire length of that powerjam. Silk Assassin did manage to extend the lead in the next jam as she took advantage of some serious confusion in the Cincinnati pack.

Assassin got out first but didn’t get called lead–but after Hannah Barbaric picked up the lead call she inexplicably tried to pass the star to June with a Cleaver. That star pass failed utterly, though, as June was on her way to the box and Hannah was then boxed herself–and all the while Silk Assassin was scoring with consummate ease. Once that jam ended the score was 44-16 in favour of the Outfit.

Queefer Sutherland made it 55-16 before being boxed on a cut of her own. That triggered another, successful, star pass from Hannah to June with a Cleaver–and June brought it back to within 25 with 11:44 on the clock.

One jam later K Lethal’s return to action was curtailed when she had to be helped off the track and that injury break turned into a lengthy official time-out. The break initially played in Cincinnati’s favour as they went on an 8-0 run with consecutive lead jam calls before the Outfit got the better of some scrappy back-and-forth jams and then finished the half with a 17-0 run to leave themselves with an 82-46 lead at the half.

The second half started with a 15-0 for Cincinnati’s Wheezy when Lola Blow got boxed on a major cut. Silk Assassin got a 17-0 of her own in the next jam when Hannah Barbaric was boxed to kill off hopes of an immediate comeback for the Black Sheep. Lady K then dominated Kitten Kicker as Lola Blow pushed the lead to 107-63.

The lead hovered around 50 until Queefer Sutherland was boxed with the star–and Nuk’em took advantage to make the score 126-94 with 17 minutes to go. A 17-4 for Kitten Kicker over Lola Blow further narrowed the gap as the Cincinnati defence tightened up at the back around the diminutive Outfit jammer, cutting the Outfit lead to 17 half way through the period.

That defense stayed tight in the next jam with CandyKICKass and Buckhead Betty containing Silk Assassin while Wheezy cut the lead further in a long jam that featured both jammers being boxed in quick succession–when the dust settled the lead was 11. When Assassin got out of the box it was suddenly a one-point game and by the time the jam expired, she was still on her initial pass and her team was three points behind, 142-139 with ten minutes to play.

Sk8r Kinney and Buckhead Betty continued to make life miserable for the Outfit’s jammers as Cincinnati’s jammers pushed the lead on marginally. Both teams kept the penalty box officials busy in the second half of the period, while also trading single-digit jams and lead calls.

Cincinnati edged the final jams as they watched the clock, with their lead 18 with a minute left. A quick natural gland slam for Lola Blow made the lead 13–and a final time-out from the Outfit with 11 seconds left forced a final jam. A 2-1 pack advantage for Silk Assassin was enough for her to get lead despite Sk8r Kinney’s hard work. She put up some points, but what little remained of her pack wasn’t able to stop Wheezy matching her point for point. WIth less than a minute to go Cincinnati had a 14-point lead and Silk Assassin was boxed on a major cut, ending the game 180-166.

Cincinnati ended the weekend 1-2, and placed ninth; the Outfit finished 0-3 and placed tenth.

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