NC 5th Place: 6NC Detroit Holds Back 9NC Brewcity, 222-61


NIAGARA FALLS, NY — 6NC Detroit’s matchup in the 5th place game with 9NC Brewcity looked very much like Detroit’s Saturday-morning dismantling of the Chicago Outfit. Once again, the name of the game was Detroit’s size and strength dominating pack play, leaving very little daylight for opposing blockers and strangling their point production; the game was over early and ended with a 161 point win for Detroit, 222-61.

The first few jams were all Detroit. Detroit took the opening lead with three short hit-and-quit jams that went 3-0, 4-0 and 3-0; on jam 4, Ally Sin Shoverland picked up 15-0 as Brewcity jammer Zotay was completely bottled up by Detroit defense. Lazer Beam made it five lead jams calls in a row and added 3 more points to make it 28-0 about 7 minutes into the game.

Brewcity’s Carrie A. Hacksaw continued having a standout weekend by getting her team on the board for the first time in a power jam, but Detroit’s strong defense kept her to only 9 points. On the other side of the power jam, Skittle stepped up to the line and got 5, cutting Detroit’s lead to 28-14.

But that was the last time Brewcity looked like they had a chance. Detroit’s defense very quickly put paid to the Brewcity rally — they held the Milwaukee team scoreless for 5 jams and rang up 35 points to make it 65-14 with about 15 minutes to play in the half. Back-to-back Brewcity jam wins for Strykher and Zotay could only pick up five points for the black and gold, and as the clock ticked into the last ten minutes of the half, Detroit was solidly in control at 71-19.

Jam after jam played out very similarly as Brewcity’s jammers kept having serious trouble navigating Detroit walls. Brewcity was generally only able to score on the occasions that Detroit had two blockers in the box and was sometimes forced to waste their rare lead jammer calls on a 0-0. Detroit cracked the century mark on the last jam of the first half and the teams went into the locker rooms on a 103-26 scoreboard.

A jam about 8 minutes into the second half was a memorable blocking showcase for triple-threat Racer McChaseher, who was the only Detroit blocker on the track in a 4-1 pack for about twenty seconds but managed to singlehandedly fend off Brewcity jammer Bloody Cupcake. The jam went 4-0 for Detroit and made it 129-31.

Detroit’s advantage got to triple digits at 133-31 on the next jam, which seemed to make the Brewcity offense temporarily perk up — Brewcity picked up four lead jam calls in a row and scored 22 unanswered points to make it 133-53 with about 16 minutes to play.

However, that was the only run of good jams Brewcity enjoyed in the entire game. Detroit got right back to business and only allowed 8 more Brewcity points for the remainder of the game — four of them by choice in the process of running out the clock on the final jam. The contest ended on a very lopsided 89-8 run, and Detroit took 5th place on the weekend, 222-61. Brewcity managed to improve on their 9 seed, though, finishing 6th.

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