NC 3rd Place: 3NC Naptown Slams 5NC Ohio, 222-86


NIAGARA FALLS, NY — One day after being completely dominated by Minnesota in a 283-86 semifinal, 3NC Naptown turned it completely around to snuff out 5NC Ohio’s hopes of being a surprise qualifier for WFTDA Championships. Ohio scored almost all of their points either on power jam or by Naptown’s choice in a 222-86 blowout that wasn’t as close as the final score implied.

With the win, Naptown picked up their second straight trip to WFTDA Championships.

The first four jams were fairly closely matched, leaving Naptown narrowly up 7-4. On the fifth frame, Naptown lost jammer Maiden America to the box and HellionBOI got some good positional help from Ava Tarr, Phoenix Bunz and Lorraine Acid in the course of a full-length 23-0 that put Ohio up 27-7 about seven minutes into the game. However, that single jam ended up representing the majority of Ohio’s points in the first half, and the rest of the game was all Naptown.

A timely hip check from Lorriane Acid forced NRG’s Piper Sonic to call the next jam at 0-0, but Naptown rallied with 4-1 and 4-0 to make it 28-15 after ten minutes. The next frame saw both Maiden America and HellionBOI hit the box as jammers, but it went 9-0 Naptown and cut the Ohio lead to four points at 28-24 with 17 minutes in the half.

HellionBOI had a lot of trouble against Naptown blockers Enya Grave and Ima Hurchu on the other side of the Naptown power jam, allowing Amooze Bouche to take 6 and put the lead back in Indy’s hands at 30-28.

A hard-fought 1-0 to Ohio halved the margin, but a 4-2 pack advantage for Naptown jammer Piper Sonic gave her a lot of daylight as Dora the Destroyer did just that to Ohio jammer The Smacktivist. Piper’s 13-0 gave Naptown their largest lead of the game at 43-29 with 12 minutes in the half.

Phoenix Bunz got a big pop from the Ohio fans by crash-landing an apex jump and calling off the jam from her knees, but a slightly delayed reporting of 4-0 inspired a Naptown official challenge, stopping the clock for a referee powwow at 11:29. The challenge ended with Ohio’s points removed, making it a 0-0 jam.

After a quick 3-0, a hectic followup saw Phoenix Bunz and and G-Rocket battle for a minute in the pack before Bunz got lead, but Bunz plowed into a tight Naptown wall and got a major back block before calling. G-Rocket won that jam 10-1 as Ohio’s pack was reduced to just Lorraine Acid against 4 Naptown blockers, and Amooze Booche also took 10 on the other side of the power jam. Ohio called their first timeout at 6:55 with the score 70-30.

Coming out of the timeout, Ohio was still in huge penalty trouble with a 4-2 pack shrinking to 4-1 when action started; Maiden America got out of the pack without lead but was able to score yet another 10 points before Ohio’s Kitty Liquorbottom could call off the jam.

Naptown continued to blank Ohio for four more jams, getting strong blocking from Dora the Destroyer, Enya Grave and RIPtide and heads-up jam calls from Amooze Bouche and Piper Sonic that kept Ohio jammers just a couple of strides away from scoring points. Going into the last jam of the half, Naptown was in solid control of the game at 94-30, though the last one was an odd 5-4 for Ohio as Naptown lead jammer G-Rocket inexplicably allowed Kitty Liquorbottom to lap her before calling it off. At the break, Naptown was up 98-35.

A 25-0 power jam for Naptown on the third jam of the second half made it 125-35, but Ohio caught a break on the other side of the power jam when Trauma-Lina, jamming for Naptown, committed a track cut major. Phoenix Bunz took a star pass and won the jam 11-5, making it 130-46.

Two jams later, Ohio had an tremendously demoralizing jam when HellionBOI had a power jam opportunity but could only get 4 points out of it when Naptown blocker Enya Grave took HellionBOI out of bounds at the very edge of the engagement zone and then managed to get her fellow blockers to string out the pack so far that HellionBOI was forced to skate fully half the perimeter of the track backwards to enter behind her. On top of that, HellionBOI ended the jam in the box herself on a last-second track cut, and Piper Sonic racked up 14-0 on the following power jam. That put Naptown up by over 100 points at 155-50 with 16 minutes to go.

With the score 159-50 a couple of frames later, Ohio had a nightmare jam as their jammer Kitty Liquorbottom had a wheel explode off her skate mid-jam — after standing in the infield for a few moments, Kitty went into the pack on seven wheels to attempt a star pass to pivot Bratislava Bruiser. But Bruiser was boxed as pivot before she was able to put the star on, leaving no way for Ohio to score; meanwhile, Maiden America was off to the races on a 15-0, making it 174-50.

At that point, looking at 12 minutes on the clock and a huge 124 point lead, Naptown shifted to the same clock killing strategies they’d employed against Detroit on Friday: speeding up packs, using jammer on jammer defense and allowing Ohio scoring opportunities in trade for running time off the clock. That let Ohio put points on the board for four jams in a row, but they were outscored on all but one. When it was all over, Naptown took a massively dominant 136-point win, 222-86.

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