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Its been a long road.

RDNation has been running now for three years.  With over 400 leagues now registered and 75% of them still using it daily we are happy to announce more upgrades!

This time in the tune of User Interface upgrades.  Over the weekend, we will be deploying RDNation 2.0 with Responsive Interface.  What does this mean?  Well this means you can now have RDNation on a desktop, tablet and mobile device.  It will now work for all devices and it will scale up and down.

Upon this, we realize that we are not primary users of RDNation.  You are!  So, we are in need of real and honest feedback.  We want your feedback.  As we move forward, we want you to help us improve the interface.  Our developers are ready and willing to make improvements on the interface where needed.

So, if you have an improvement to the User Interface, please email us at

What are we looking for?

  • Button Improvements
  • Something is broken.
  • Device or screen support.
  • Icons don’t look right.
  • Interface doesn’t feel right.
  • Anything else that you don’t like.
  • Anything you see wrong.

Help us improve the Roller Derby World!

Veggie D.

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