Motivating Your League: Off Skates Fitness

Author: Hell Cat
How does your league encourage and support off-skates fitness training from its members? At BRDG, we tend to keep our hall time freed up for on-skates sessions, but as we look to improve and become more competitive, it's becoming apparent that we probably need to start sweating a bit more off track too...

With that in mind, our beloved Doc Nox, Lazy Susan and Dame Judi Bench came up with the idea of (in the most literal sense possible) some healthy competition!

And so it came to pass that the BRDG Off Skates Challenge was born. Four teams (named with a nod to some of our skating heroes!), one month, and a Hogwarts' style 'house' system, whereby we're awarded a point for every workout we log. 

It's based on an honesty system - no one will check you actually did your workout but sweaty post workout selfies are definitely encouraged! In the run up to the first week of the competition everyone will also be invited to do the Roller Derby Athletics Fitness Test. It's not compulsory, but gives us the option to (hopefully!) see an improvement over the month and feel awesome at the end. 

While we may not love the thought of pulling on our trainers after work, to go for a run on a rainy, dark night, we definitely love the idea of some friendly inter-league rivalry - bring it on! (Team Bonnie Thunder Thighs forever!)

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