Molly Roger Home Port Defended

Written by Kevin Brown

The stands were packed with cheering fans showing enthusiasm and fervor that was equal to the hard hitting action on the track. North River rolled into town for the inaugural bout of the Molly Roger Rollergirls 2014 season and found our pirate lasses were set to battle. In a pitched game with over a dozen lead changes, the home port stayed safe as our beloved Molly Roger’s gifted a big, fat W to put on the schedule with a 205-174 victory.

The North River Rolling Renegades showed a tough and chippy new attitude in their second season with many skaters displaying improved skill and familiarity with the sport of roller derby. The addition of cagey veteran talent like MVP Blocker Sukie Sydal brought confidence and toughness to match the already present effort. MVP Jammer Kat El Prod lit up the scoreboard with several double digit scoring jams including a 21 pointer to snatch an early game lead. The Renegades were a game opponent and are sure to be a force to be reckoned with as they grow.

The salty, sultry sirens that most tantalized the crowd rallied under a pirate flag though as the Molly Roger’s flashed tons of new talent.  Only her second game in the black and teal put  MVP Jammer MaSin Voorhees  on the treasure map with flash and style.  Another new face wearing the star on her helmet was Loch Nessa who gave the home team its first lead of the game with a seventeen point jam only minutes into the action.  However, fan favorite Snap Happy is not ready to surrender the colors to the new blood just yet bringing thrills to the crowd with the pirate flag and a pivotal twenty point power jam putting the Molly Roger’s ahead to stay in the waning minutes of the game.

MVP blocker Debo was laying down cannon fire, or at least that is how the hits sounded, to clear the paths for the Mollies and close the doors on the Renegades and returning skater Oxidizing Angel deepening the talent with yet another big gun laying down broadside hits. Newly minted team captain DeeMented brought her usual controlled aggression as she and co-captain Ruthless Roxy kept the ship on course rallying from a 89-94 half time deficit showing veteran calm determination.

If you missed this clash you have only yourself to blame and we look forward to having you in the crowd for the March 8th bout as the Molly’s Marauders do battle for the first time ever hosting Palm Coast Roller Derby.  So trim the sails, man the cannons, and brace for a shot of pure adrenaline.  Ahoy and yo ho pirates, we will see you there!

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