Mighty Morphine - September's Member of the Month

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Our Mighty Morphine is a fierce, semi-bionic, triple-threat skater who was recently voted as the embodiment of the "Spirit of Derby". On track she is a multi-talented player, but she doesn't stop there! Off track she is a woman of many talents too; juggling her day job as a teacher with being league Secretary, Fresh Meat coach and head of Interleague Relations!

What is your derby name and number, and is there a story behind it?
I'm Mighty Morphine, #17! I decided on my name after an injury left me off skates for a while - it makes me feel Mighty! I was born on the 17th of March, and I love good rhyme, so that's why I chose my number.

Which position do you play?
I like jamming - it's getting harder and harder to break through walls of Mansfield skaters while training though! I'm happy to play whatever position is needed really, I'd like to be a well rounded player.
PictureDizzyDreams Photography
When did you join Mansfield Roller Derby? A long time ago! Two and a half years I think; I started when the league was very small. It's awesome to see how the league is growing - it feels great to be considered one of the "veteran" skaters, even though I still have lots to learn!

Who are your derby heroes? Honestly, all the ladies that line up on track with me are my heroes - my team, friends from other leagues, everyone I've scrimmed with so far. Stepping on track for that first jam still gives me jelly-legs and butterflies, but knowing that I have awesome people that I can rely on really helps me stay focused and have fun.

Did you play any sports before Roller Derby? I was a beast at egg-and-spoon back in Primary school. That's about it.

You've just finished coaching your first Beginners programme (Fresh Meat), how was it? Loved it, and I can't wait for the next one! It gives me fuzzy feelings to see new skaters make such great progress and start to discover what Roller Derby is all about. Tanisha and I have been working hard to make each Fresh Meat intake better than the last, learning as we go and figuring out how to give our skaters the best start. Looking forward to September the 15th!

Morph Jamming
Morph Jamming in her first game against Barnsley in Feb. Photo DizzyDreams Photography
You're also secretary and head of Interleague relations, is it hard to juggle so many roles? How do you manage your time and stay motivated? Some days it's hard to sit down and get my head in gear - some days I can't wait to get started with emails, scrim planning and Fresh Meat stuff! But it's always so satisfying to see plans come together and how the League benefits. We've come so far in the last few years, and it's great that I can help keep driving us forward towards our goals.

What was it like coming back from breaking your ankle, and how did you overcome the 'fear' of being back on skates? I always knew I wanted to come back to skating, from the moment I broke it! Even though I'd only been skating for a few months, Roller Derby had already given me so much confidence, lots of new friends, and I totally loved skating. My injury had probably made me more cautious, and I have to psyche myself up to try fancy footwork. But if I broke my other ankle at training tomorrow, I'd still want to come back when it was healed!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting involved in Roller Derby?
It's a totally life changing sport, and so easy to be involved in, on-skates or off. I feel like a totally different person since joining Mansfield Roller Derby - I'm so much more positive, have made loads of great friends, and it feels like I'm part of something truly amazing. I'd recommend it to anybody!

Any Final Words?
No final words...
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