Mens Roller Derby World Cup Preview


This weekend sees the first-ever men’s roller derby world cup, taking place in Birmingham, England. It will feature 15 teams: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, USA, and Wales.

The teams vary massively in both squad size and experience of skating and derby. The European teams have the most experience bouting together thanks to a number of European men’s events, most notably Battle of the Beasts, which has run twice and showcased national talent from across the continent.

The event will be broadcast live and for free via, which will include live statistics, bracket updates, multi-lingual announcing, and more.

The tournament opens with a group stage on Friday before the knock-out stage commences on Saturday. You can find the full schedule here.

The first game of the tournament sees one of sport’s greatest rivalries played out on on the flat track for the second time — England take on Argentina at 10am local time (that’s 6am EDT). Friday’s pool games will each be played over a single 30-minute period and games start across two tracks every half hour until 8pm local time.

Team Argentina

The singular South American team is travelling light. They have eight skaters, some of whom only have twelve months skating experience.

They do also feature some roller hockey veterans who have been on skates since early childhood, and they have MRDA experience courtesy of Rafael Guevara (aka Sin Diesel), MRDC founder and Harm City Homicide skater.

Guevara is the only internationally-based skater on the roster; the rest skate domestically for Buenos Aires Conspiracy, Rayo Naranja (Tucumán) and Buenos Aires ThunderQuads.


Chispita 10 B.A.C (Buenos Aires Conspiracy) // Jose Sanchez 28 (Rayo Naranja) // Niño Acido 99 B.A.C (Buenos Aires Conspiracy) // The Beast 666 ThunderQuads Roller Derby // Rafael Guevara 930 (Harm City Homicide) // Optimus Quad 05 (ThunderQuads Roller Derby) // El Pibe 08 B.A.C (Buenos Aires Conspiracy) // Sir Ar2 D2 (ThunderQuads Roller Derby)

Staff: Psycho Trasher, Girl Fawkes, and Eterna Inocencia

The Wizards of Aus (Australia)

Skaters from from seven cities across Australia comprise the Wizards of Aus. Their only competitive action came last year against New Zealand, who aren’t represented here.

They’re travelling almost 8,000 miles to Birmingham via Scotland, where they warmed up with a 341-point win against the Power of Scotland. ‘”Our Wizards are proud to represent Australia at the first Men’s Roller Derby World Cup and proud to show the World what Aussie derby is made of,” they say.


Skate Pilgrim 0 (Victorian Vanguard) // Oliver Sudden 8 (Perth Men’s Derby) // Sausage Rolls 11 (Tasmania Men’s Derby) // Ya Mum 27 (Sydney City SMASH) // Rogue n Josh 47 (Light City Derby) // Ass n Junk (Stephens) 57 (Sydney City SMASH) // RPG 71 (Brisbane City Rollers) // Justin Credible 75 (Sydney City SMASH) // Bohemian Slapcity (Ritchie) 77 (Sydney City SMASH) // Flamin’ Galah 80 (Victorian Vanguard) // Monkey Nuts 88 (Sydney City SMASH) // Kernel Panic 89 (Sydney City SMASH) // Copter 173 (Brisbane City Rollers) // HP Shovecraft 404 (Brisbane City Rollers) // Son of Skatin’ 505 (Victorian Vanguard) // Synaptic Kid 633 (Tweed Valley Rollers) // Spew 1957 (Sydney City SMASH) // RAMPAGE E11 (Perth Men’s Derby) // KANEAGE! E61 (Brisbane City Rollers) // Fuzz FE3C (Brisbane City Rollers)

Staff: Annabelle Lecter and I.V. Anarchy

Team Belgium

The Belgians have a 4-3 competitive record in Europe, winning the first Battle of the Beasts over The Netherlands and Germany.

We thought that their words summed them up so well, we’d just let them explain what’s behind team Belgium.

Have you ever heard about the Animal Kingdom?

The North is known for its kangaroos, all of them called Kevin and famous for being able to give some firm waffle on your waffle.

The South is known for its cock and wine, so they will make coq-au-vin of their opponents for supper.

And for some reason the center is filled with little peeing dudes scary enough to make you piss your pants.

Since there are no borders in roller derby, we decided to see what happens when we gather all these weird people and mix them together. Inevitably, we got the one and only team awesome – Team Belgium.

Men’s Roller Derby : Team Belgium – Panam Squad from Mannekenbeasts on Vimeo.


Mr Revenge 1 (The Mons’ter Munch Derby Dudes) // Zombitch 3 (De Kevins) // MurDuck 6.2 (The Mons’ter Munch Derby Dudes) // Fantoohm 24 (De Kevins) // Rocky Ballbearing 77 (De Kevins) // Trick 0r Threat 88 (The Mons’ter Munch Derby Dudes) // WimPlash 101 (De Kevins) // Dr.Gonzo 313 (De Kevins) // JerOminous 404 (De Kevins) // Bhurty McFly 642 (The Mons’ter Munch Derby Dudes) // Schuma Track 666 (The Mons’ter Munch Derby Dudes) // Niels on Wheels 1010 (De Kevins) // Track Vader 1030 (De Kevins & Brussels Manneken Beasts) // B.A. Be-Reckless 1101 (De Kevins) // Johnson 1111 (De Kevins) // Onearmedbandit 1971 (De Kevins) // Bull’Doc 3NT (The Mons’ter Munch Derby Dudes) // Jet Poutre N6T4 (The Mons’ter Munch Derby Dudes)

Staff: Lazy Horse, Skinny Revenge, MissMiyagi GoGO and Looney Tune

Team Canada

Canada has among the longest histories of any team in the tournament. The first incarnation of a Canuck men’s derby team came in 2008; the current squad was selected after three tryouts in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec. Some of the Canadian team have been playing men’s derby for as long as anyone, and this mass of experience is in huge contrast to many of the newer derby nations represented here.

The entire Canadian team ply their trade in Canada, with Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and Red Deer all sending multiple representatives to the national squad.

The team’s wealth of experience mean they are widely expected to be challenging for medals; only time will tell if they can match their female counterparts and come home with the silver medal.


El Tannant 0 (Montreal Mont Royals) // Stan DaSide 4 (Vancouver Murder) // Red 5 (Ottawa Slaughter Squad) // Quiet Riot 6 (Glenmore Reservoir Dogs (Calgary)) Walker 12 (Vancouver Murder) // Russian Destruction 14 (Vancouver Murder) // Marty Gras 16 (Montreal Mont Royals) // Ziggy 22 (Red Deer Dreadnaughts) // Tichbourne 66 (Vancouver Murder) // The Rev 71 (Montreal Mont Royals) // Grey Gustov 84 (Red Deer Dreadnaughts) // Josh Kent 86 (Ottawa Slaughter Squad) // Arlen Nelson 222 (Vancouver Murder) // Flustercluck 338 (Glenmore Reservoir Dogs (Calgary)) // Riceball 403 (Glenmore Reservoir Dogs (Calgary)) // Homer Jency 911 (Montreal Mont Royals) // Dr T. Sanchez 1313 (Red Deer Dreadnaughts) // BrADASS f22 (Glenmore Reservoir Dogs (Calgary)) // Magic Johnson 14A (River City Riot (Edmonton)) // Tank M4 (Montreal Mont Royals)

Staff: Jess Bandit, Lime, Bruiseberry Pie and Demolition Herbie

Team England

With seven skaters from the MRDA #11 Southern Discomfort, the highest-ranked non American team in the MRDA, expectations are running pretty high for the home team in a tournament sorely lacking comparative data points. They also have wins over Ireland, France and Wales in their warm-up games to build expectation and boost confidence that they can go one better than England’s women and claim silver in Birmingham.

Over 100 skaters tried out for the team, and were cut down to 26 by team leadership, and have been training together roughly once a month for the last eight months.


Sutton Impact 3 (Southern Discomfort) // Rex Tangle 4 (Crash Test Brummies) // Darth Sebious 13 New Wheeled Order // Sully 17 (Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder) // Toots 21 (Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder) // Chemic-Al 26 (Tyne and Fear) // illbilly 76 (Crash Test Brummies) // Dog 82 (Tyne and Fear) // Flat Track Bully 380 (Southern Discomfort) // Jarvis Blocker 418 (The Inhuman League) // Reaper 666 (Southern Discomfort) // Spectral 6283 (Southern Discomfort) // Tom A Hawke 007 (Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder) // Rollin Stone R 33r (Southern Discomfort) // Reanimated Gif 4J (Tyne and Fear) // Don Gingovanni 4Q (New Wheeled Order) // Jerry Attric 60ish (The Inhuman League) // Giggity Giggity G00 (Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder) // Ballistic Whistle MI6 (Southern Discomfort) // Nanaki X111 (Southern Discomfort)

Staff: Rob Barns-Graham, Florence the Machine and Lisa Görs.

Team Finland

Finland has only one full men’s team, but skaters from that Tampere team are joined by others from Helsinki and Kouvala to form Team Finland.

Finland is hoping its men’s team can build on the success of the Tampere Rollin’ Bros’ win at the Kings of The North and their recent win over Nordic rivals Sweden to put up a decent showing.


Karttunen 0 // Carlos 3 // Memesis 6 // Tenu 19 // SuicideBunny 23 // Cpt. Blockvious 42 // Puto 51 // Kenny SuperPowers 55 // Doomageddon 72 // Otto Pekkola 77 // Bukkake Randelin 86 // Tapani Kansa’n’Roses 99 // Ior Block 1111 // Wesley Crusher 1701 // Cliche Guevara 1928 // Acidic Ferrett 4C1D // Urpo Kekkonen 4I // Wario 8BIT // Jesari Essayah I8PP

Staff: Dominå F. Äkt and Only

Team France

As current European Champions, Toulouse Quad Guards have been battling with London’s Southern Discomfort for European league bragging rights for as long as a European men’s scene has existed, and the number of men’s leagues in France has increased by an order of magnitude over the past 18 months.

The French beat the Canadian women’s team when they came over to Europe for the Super Brawl in Nantes last month to cap several months of training together since the team was formed in October. They lost 355-84 to the England men at Battle of The Beasts in October of last year–but they also beat Belgium at that same event to start to build a good case for being the #2 team in Europe.


Killian David 13 (Southern Discomfort) // Monkey Bizness 27 (Panam Squad) // Angry Bear 31 (Quad Guards) // High G Nik 95 (Quad Guards) // Rocket’Busch 129 (Zombeers) // Big Jim 192 (Quad Guards) // Crippled Crow 322 (Kamiquads) // Maelstrom 600 (Panam Squad) // Charles Martèle 717 (Quad Guards) // The Cleaner 1631 (Brain Damage) // Bravehurt 1789 (Quad Guards) // X-WING 2012 (Quad Guards) // Maya Yanus 4NUS (Quad Guards) // Slash Gordon F22 (Quad Guards) // Candel Héros G4R4 (Kamiquads) // El Gato G7 (Kamiquads) // Spider Biscote K2 (Kamiquads) // AssHellOff k2000 (Quad Guards) // Mirage OO (Panam Squad) // Scare NX X11 (Orcet)

Staff: Red Volta and Juicy Joker

Team Germany

Team Germany was formed before the first Battle of the Beasts in early 2013; they returned to the second with an actual training session under their belts and came out with a 108-59 win over Belgium–but that’s only one win in three against the Belgians, who came out 189-129 winners when the teams rematched in January of this year.

Germany’s two bouting leagues make up the overwhelming majority of the squad, but they are captained by JC of Wolverhampton’s Crash Test Brummies. Team Germany have sent ‘Lovely greetings to his german grandma.’


Skagent Smoof oo7 (SGMRD) // Buttercup 1 (H.O.S.S.A) //. Bruise Wheelies 101 (Delta Quads) // Jam Pain 11 (SGMRD) // Real Axt 12 (SGMRD) // Dr. Frankenskate 24 (SGMRD) // Mahatma Bronson 3 (SGMRD) // Baltic Basterd 308 (H.O.S.S.A) //. Bloodred Kelly 4 (SGMRD) // Coast Buster 572 (H.O.S.S.A) //. Hard X-Blocker 60 (H.O.S.S.A) //. East Cider 69 (H.O.S.S.A) //. JC 77 (Crash Test Brummies) // Zäpp van Zmäkk 777 (H.O.S.S.A) //. Hell G. Slider 96 (SGMRD)

*H.O.S.S.A: Hot Outstanding Super Sailor Allstars, Northern Germany
*SGMRD: South German Men’s Roller Derby

Staff: Bella Karloffa and ElliMinate


Skaters from all three of Ireland’s men’s leagues are represented among the ranks of Al-Ireland Men’s Roller Derby. The oldest of those leagues has only been active for a little over a year, but they have foreign-based experience including Rave N’BustHer of LA’s Drive-by City Rollers, Lt Damn of Manchester’s New Wheeled Order and Batwing of the St Louis Gatekeepers, here incarnated as Batty O’Wing.

They went 1-1 in their warm-up games against Milton Keynes’ Quads of War (who took an overtime win) and tournament venue residents the Birmingham Blitz Dames; how they do against higher calibre opposition will be interesting to see.


Wallbang’er 7 (Dublin Capital Offence) // iPlay4Keeps 9 (Plymouth City Roller Girls) // Abnorman 45 (Plymouth City Roller Girls) // Cian Brennan 51 (Dublin Roller Derby) // Batty O’Wing 68 (St. Louis GateKeepers) // E.Roll Flynn 75 (Dublin Capital Offence) // Mick Dastardly 82 (Dublin Capital Offence) // Justin Ballsdeep 117 (Belfast Mens Roller Derby) // Rave N’BustHer 904 (Drive-By City Rollers) // Cuban Whistle Crisis 981 (Pig Town Boys, Limerick) // El-Ahrairah 1000 (Belfast Mens Roller Derby) // Eddy Knievel 8008 (Plymouth City Roller Girls) // Lt. Damn 4T2 (New Wheeled Order) // Block Lobster B52 (Southern Discomfort) // Electrixz Avin’U F34R

Staff: Jessica Rammit, Zola Blood, Hannabolic Steroids and Blackeye Bockscar

Team Japan

Japan are one of the great unknowns in this tournament. Japan has no men’s derby leagues at present, but its skaters do have a wealth of skating experience regardless.

Their 11 skaters range in age from 30 to 60, and count experience of 1980′s old-school Rollergames in their roster. The Ninjapan Rollers want to use the world cup to boost the popularity of the sport in Japan: “one of our missions at this World Cup is to introduce this wonderful sport to the people of Japan by giving the best of what we have,” they say.


U2 1 // Ryo-Chin 4 // Umesan 7 // Gundam 18 // ikagesoyaro 32 // Bubble 99 // Show 110 // Gon-Z 113 // Zorro 136 // DJ Jack 1929 // Mayuge-Born-Die R4

Staff: Zeus, E.M.I., Salad Kinoku and Kaoru

Team Netherlands

With four internationals under their belts in the past year, Team Netherlands are one of the most experienced teams present, even if the experience levels of the individual skaters don’t match up with some other countries. The squad comprises skaters who are active in Dutch leagues as well as several based in the UK and one in Germany.

They have one win in that time, over Germany at the first Battle of the Beasts, with losses to Denmark (who aren’t sending their national team over for this tournament) and Belgium (twice).


ANIMAL 2 (Arnhem Airbomb Rollers) // Monkey Chopper 11 (Breda Suckcity Rollers) // Kirk Rammitt 42 (Eindhoven Bruisers) // Halogene 43 (Gronigen Roaring Thunder) // Tim(ber)! 68 (Eastside RocknRollers) // Ripsnorter 114 (Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder) // Rollin’Reckless @ 505 (Gronigen Roaring Thunder) // Johnny B Rude © 585 (Heerlen Pink Peril) // Nocturnal Damage 666 (Amsterdam Derby Dames) // Captain Borderline 747 (Rotterdam Death Row Honeys) // Rudi Cartell 981 (Karlsruhe RockArollers) // Mastermind 3141 (Rotterdam Death Row Honeys) // Ben van Hurrt 8888 (Crash Test Brummies) // Jimmy Felon 0%fat (Amsterdam Derby Dames) // Untitled Rush’n 1F (Gronigen Roaring Thunder) // Fairy Godfather Ø3 (Gronigen Roaring Thunder) // Týr R3F (Eindhoven Bruisers) // Legion T800 (Arnhem Airbomb Rollers)

Staff: General Teresa and Furrrocious

Team Scotland

The Scots have lost all their warm-up games so far, and will be hoping to break their duck in Birmingham after significant losses to Australia this week and to Manchester’s New Wheeled Order and Newcastle’s Tyne and Fear in the run-up to that.

The Jakey Bites were Scotland’s first men’s team and one of the first to establish itself in the UK, and finally has some company north of the border as the Scottish men try to emulate the success of their women–Scottish leagues Glasgow and Auld Reekie currently top the UKRDA rankings.


Dreads 5 (Bairn City Rollers) // Porky 8 (Tyne & Fear Roller Derby) // WKDeid 9 (Jakey Bites/Capital City Roller Derby) // Tequila Jammer 18 (Jakey Bites/Capital City Roller Derby) // JudderJam @ 19 (Jakey Bites) // Duff 39 (Jakey Bites) // Dead Hardy 42 (Bairn City Rollers) // Jaffa Skates 57 (Granite City Brawlermen) // iHorror 67 (Bairn City Rollers) // Pudsey 101 (Granite City Brawlermen) // rED Baron 802 (Jakey Bites/Bairn City Rollers) // The Real Scrim Shady 976 (Bairn City Rollers) // The Philth 999 (Tyne & Fear Roller Derby) // Konanbourg 1664 (Jakey Bites/Mean City Roller Derby) // Tea-Virus 1998 (Jakey Bites/Mean City Roller Derby) // Whyte & MacDie 2212 (Mean City Roller Derby) // Alottablackenblue 1ve (Mean City Roller Derby) // Nuke Jukem 2d (The Quads of War: Milton Keynes Roller Derby) // Dafty © Iq0 (Jakey Bites/Capital City Roller Derby) // Zero SR71 (Mean City Roller Derby)

Staff: Ginge, Venus and Monager

Team Sweden

Sweden is another country represented that doesn’t have a single full bouting league. The largest conglomeration of male skaters in Sweden is the ten members of Gothenburg’s Salty Seamen–seven of them have made the roster for Sweden.

The rest come from the co-ed Malmö Royals team, Luleå and Västerås.

They have played one game so far – a 270-150 loss to Team Finland earlier this month.


RÃ¥-djuret 1 (Gothenburg Salty Seamen) // Enjoyboy 3 (Malmö Royals) // Mick Jäger 13 (Gothenburg Salty Seamen) // Slutty Summer 27 (Malmö) // Rönnerup 8 (Malmö Royals) // Kickass Krutsson 61 (LuleÃ¥) // BadgerBadger 64 (Malmö Royals) // Hellvis 75 (LuleÃ¥) // MegaWhat 76 (VästerÃ¥s) // Adeerable Bambi 269 (Gothenburg Salty Seamen) // Mr Nice Guy 333 (Malmö Royals) // Xploit 404 (Malmö Royals) // Block Watson 221b (Gothenburg Salty Seamen) // Sweet Jackie 5×3 (Gothenburg Salty Seamen) // Rolling Roadkill C64 // Ol’ Nerdy Bastard G33K (Gothenburg Salty Seamen) // Jada-jada Y4U (Gothenburg Salty Seamen)

Staff: Ankefar and Obnoxious Li

Team USA

Team USA are clearly the hot favourites to win the World Cup. This not happening would require an upset of truly Titanic proportions–but there are a couple of teams who might harbour outside hopes of being that most unexpected of icebergs.

Skaters from eight MRDA leagues — Your Mom, NYSE, St Louis Gatekeepers, Mass Maelstrom, Puget Sound, Magic City, Dallas Deception and the Cincinnati Battering Rams — form arguably the most fearsome set of men’s derby skaters ever assembled, and can be expected to register a level of tournament dominance never before seen–or at least not since the women’s Team USA dominated Blood and Thunder’s inaugural world cup.

However, they have never played a competitive game together, so we shall have to wait and see if they live up to the hype.


Peter Pan 3 (Your Mom Men’s Derby) // Just the Tip 4 (Dallas Deception ) // Jonathan R 6 (New York Shock Exchange) // Seahorses 7 (Your Mom Men’s Derby) // Frank NotSoHotra 9 (Your Mom Men’s Derby) // Corey Porter (or Prime) 11 (St. Louis GateKeepers) // Becker 12 (Your Mom Men’s Derby) // Jurasskick Park 15 (Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby) // Streak 19 (Magic City Misfits) // Wyatt 20 (New York Shock Exchange) // Ackluss 21 (Puget Sound Outcasts) // Quadzilla L.K. 23 (Puget Sound Outcasts) // GnatKingKill 24 (St. Louis GateKeepers) // Tink 37 (Cincinnati Battering Rams) // Sugar Boots 66 (Your Mom Men’s Derby) // Percy Controll 82 (St. Louis GateKeepers) // Scott Slamilton 100 (Puget Sound Outcasts) // Hopper 1369 (Your Mom Men’s Derby) // Stang 3158 (Your Mom Men’s Derby) // Magnum, p.i.m.p. L7 (St. Louis GateKeepers)

Staff: Meow Mix, Princess Slay-Ya, Mark Muse

Team Wales

Wales sports but one league–the South Wales Silures. SWS (also Welsh for ‘kiss’) provide all but three of the Wales team, with additional support coming from London’s Southern Discomfort and Milton Keynes’ Quads of War.

The Welsh have one competitive game to their names–a 346-76 loss to England in January.


Manwaring 1 (South Wales Silures) // Hayes 3 (South Wales Silures) // Malatynski 9 (South Wales Silures) // Zimanyi 15 (South Wales Silures) // Jenkins 17 (Southern Discomfort) // Truck Rogers 25 (South Wales Silures) // Phillips 36 (South Wales Silures) // Clarke 43 (South Wales Silures) // The Mechanic 79 (South Wales Silures) // RollCall © 117 (South Wales Silures) // Longworth 218 (South Wales Silures) // Jones 254 (South Wales Silures) // McCabe 337 (South Wales Silures) // Ashton 2828 (South Wales Silures) // Swift 26″ (Milton Keynes Quads of War) // Creighton-Griffiths 2×4 (South Wales Silures) // Cronick C4 (South Wales Silures) // Meredith FE26 (South Wales Silures) // Clements HK86 (Southern Discomfort) // Russel the Love Muscle o10 (South Wales Silures)

Staff: Peter Butler, Crash Bandicute, Billie Pistol

Tournament Officials

Canada: Kurz So Good, Meg Le Maniac, Viv the Shiv

Denmark: Epoxy Roxy

England: Alyss Banned, Anull Trawma, BB-Lady, Chew Tracker, Cookie D’oh!, Danger Russ, Dangerous Danger, Daniella Smith, Dicey Tequil’Her, DisorderLee, Dr Stevel, Duncan Disorderly, Fu Man Drew, Honor Rampage, Iron Dan, Jean-Quad Grand Slam, Krystal Vice, LA Claw, Lizzee Rascal, MacGeek, Major Travis T, Metal Ed, Pettichoke, Ragna Rock, Robo Kop, Rocky Horror Ho, Rollin Rat, Sarah Wilkins, SkaBarella, Suga Buzz, Von Sleaze, WhackHer Phoenix

Finland: HelcoHOlic, Puppy Shredder, Screwmedriver, Sir Shag A Lot

France: Fried Wheely, Pussy Panzerfaust, Watzé

Germany: Clockwork Droid, Dirty Härry, Ferociraptor, IV NixeN, Käthe Kaputto

Ireland: Maul’er Malone, Shref

Netherlands: Lola Rock’n’Rolla, Mazuzu, Meks T Justice, Merrydeath McKaos, Pixie Spankalot

New Zealand: Bully Hayes, stubble entendre

Norway: LindaLov

Scotland: Alix, Cherry Fury, Crashing Wookiee Broken Zebra, Glen Moreangry, Grizabelta, JC Danger, Kirk Jammett, Righteous Oxide

Sweden: Off Track, OwaSims

USA: Chopsaw, gritty purl, Kiss My Axe, Lethe L. Ejection, Marriedjuana, Miss Trial, Pachinko, Punk You, Ref In Peace, Rogzilla, The Gorram Reaver, The Sharmanator, Trickster

Wales: Brassica Massacre, Laura Seligman, MissChief, Tre Cruel

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