Mens Roller Derby World Cup Becomes Skater Operated


The Men’s Roller Derby World Cup (MRDWC) has announced that all future events will be managed by derby nations, for derby nations.

The first MRDWC was organized after members of Team Men’s USA spoke to the organizers of the 2013 Men’s European Roller Derby Championships and decided to to put on an event. The The 2014 event, held in March, proved both a successful and viable competition, with 15 teams from all over the world traveling to Birmingham, England to compete.

Since the event, the nations that came together have voted to form a permanent managing body, the MRDWC Board of Directors.

Adam ‘Stat Man’ Roush, the director of competitions for the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup, says nations will democratically decide on the tournament’s operation. “The board will be empowered to make the bulk of decisions regarding upcoming World Cup events, but competing nations will be also asked to vote on a number of issues,” he says.

Roush says the board will be made up of seven directors. Alongside a representative from the MRDA, five directors will be elected by competing nations, and a chairperson separate from competing nations will be appointed. An MRDA representative has been added to ensure that men’s roller derby stays unified, whether played by leagues or national teams.

Competing nations will be called upon to vote on the Board of Directors soon.

This new organizational method sets the MRDWC apart from the women’s competition. The Roller Derby World Cup was established by Blood & Thunder magazine; competing nations do not get to vote on important issues or appoint staff.

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