Meet Jenna Cros – Team France

Meet Jenna Cros – Team France
Photo: Ebk

Skate name and number:

Jenna Cros #12

Which country do you represent at World Cup?


How many years have you been playing roller derby?


What is your home league?

Nothing Toulouse (Toulouse, France)

Which teams do you skate for?

Team France, Nothing Toulouse

What is your current skate set-up?

Bont hybrids + avengers plate from Suregrip + presto wheels + Bont bearings + Bionic toe stops.

Without giving away too many of your secrets, what is your training routine like?

I have league training twice a week. I have personal training three times a week, where I work on my personal technique.

Besides that, I am cycling to work – it is about 20km per day, and almost as many bugs collision and/or swallowing. I also make a point of racing all the other cyclists I find on my way, but I won’t tell if I always win (I don’t).

Who are your biggest role models?

My biggest role model is my boyfriend. We share the same passion for roller derby and his commitment to constantly improve is truly inspiring to me.

Do you experience any friendly rivalry in the spirit of competition?

I used to, not anymore.

Do you have a mantra, a quote, or a ritual that motivates you?

“The only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday”.

Also believing a good team is something more than just the addition of individual talents is what drives me. I am eager to see what our team will end up doing in this tournament.

What made you decide to play at a national level?

The challenge. I wanted to play with the best French players and achieve something big together on the international scene.

What is your advice to skaters who aspire to play for their national team?

Work hard, play hard – Don’t just flirt with the track, marry it.

There’s no place like home. What is your favorite thing about the country you represent?

NOT snails !! Raclette and cheese in general.

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