May WARDian of the Month: Broken Harm

Broken Harm

Photo by Peter Granheim

This month’s WARDian probably needs little introduction, spending a lot of his time on, okay, near, the track.

Perhaps it was originally so he’d actually get to see his wife (Anne T) some evenings, but Harm joining WARD was a massive bonus! Not only does he put in the effort needed to keep abreast of all the new rule developments, but he offers his time behind the scenes; at fundraisers and behind a computer screen, making sure the cash flow keeps flowing, and that WARD keeps on going. Our treasurer is a real treasure! (I had to!)

Towering above most skaters, even while not wearing his quads, he may seem a formidable creature, but then he cracks a smile or a joke and the illusion is dispelled. Please show your appreciation for our very own Broken Harm!

How did you get into Roller Derby?

Anne T. and I were invited to come watch a game by PRD’s now HNSO. We were hooked straight away and the next week bought skates, gear and the stuff. Signed up with WARD about a month later.

What do you get out of Roller Derby?

I enjoy the mental and physical challenges of being a Ref. It’s not as simple as it looks. If I don’t have challenges I get lazy.

What has been the highlight of your skating career so far?

Going to Canberra with WOTS last year. It was my first travel team experience and I learned lots about fire evacuations at 3am

Most embarrassing moment?

Trying to crush Kit when Jammer Reffing a closed game against PRD at Morley. Safe to say she didn’t get squished.

Have you got any training tips?

So far no one has paid me in Tips. I should make that a thing.

What are your derby aspirations?

To survive TGSS. The ref rosters are pretty intense and we don’t get much of break all weekend. Apart from that I want to be a part of the team that gets WARD full member status with WFTDA.

Who would you nominate as the next WARDian of the Month?

Coca~Rolla, She’s like me and puts a lot more into the league than is asked of her. We need more Rolla’s so she can have a break.

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