March WARDian of the Month: Drew Bashemmore

The Awesome Drew

The Awesome Drew

Your March Wardian of the month should hardly need an introduction, as she puts her hand up to help the league in SO many ways. Not only does she manage and monitor your IT needs, she gets us Google ads for bouts, NSOs every chance she can, assesses, helps to get fresh meat organised, and has substituted for coaches at our NOR location so many times i’ve lost count. A Wayward from way back, and a perennial supporter behind the scenes, I give you the indispensable, Drew Bashemmore!

How did you get into Roller Derby?

Watched “Whip IT!”, Googled Roller Derby Perth, found WARD, went to see a bout, got all inspired and bought all my gear, then fell pregnant. Eventually joined Fresh Meat in Dec 2011

What do you get out of Roller Derby?

About 100 new Facebook friends lol :) Exercise, fun, and socialisation, as being a stay at home mum can be quite isolating at times. Also I had some spare body weight to shift that had mysteriously attached itself to me during my pregnancy! It’s a great mental space too, whatever challenges you are wrestling with outside of derby you get to leave it all behind once you get out on that track. And I don’t have to say much about 2 hours of child-free time woohoo! The best part is, I get to be part of an awesome group of women who inspire me daily. Everyone is so darn nice, it’s sickening :)

What has been the highlight of your skating career so far?

I would like to say Rollercon Aus 2012 or Derby Fest 2014, but in all honesty it was being a score-girl for the Screams for Bout of Thrones in June ’13. The team were all so lovely and welcoming, and they took me in like I was one of them.

Most embarrassing moment?

Without a doubt at my very first WARD scrimmage Waywards v DPR in July ’13, I was skating fast to rejoin the pack during warm-up, but had a brain fail and forgot how to stop. Collided with the back of the pack and took out a couple of team mates. Classy. Mortifying. Hilarious. Of course I was just lulling DPR into a false sense of security…

Have you got any training tips?

Train as much as possible (without overdoing it) and you will improve and progress so much quicker. I’m a little bit uncoordinated so if I could have made 2 sessions a week as a freshie then I would have nailed T stops so much faster :P Also, I’ve found yoga really good for derby – great for balance, core strength, and also flexibility when you are blocked out of nowhere and your body goes in all different directions.

What are your derby aspirations?

To one day be as awesome as my derby idols Karmen Adairya and Xanadon’t. Also, to be a member of a home team either as a skater or a benchie.

Who would you nominate as the next WARDian of the Month?

It’s so hard to pick out a single person, everyone willingly gives up their time for the benefit of WARD and every time I watch a bout I get a bit teary thinking about what an awesome bunch of people we have, who can put together such an amazing event which runs seamlessly. And then there’s assessments which run seamlessly, and all the coaches, and the hundred other wonderful things we do. And even though she was WotM for last month I am still going to say Kit as she does so many things for the league behind the scenes. There’s a couple of dark horses though, who don’t get a lot of mentions yet i’m sure do a lot behind the scenes, and they are our Treasurer Broken Harm and Vice President Ophelia. Shhh… but don’t tell them I said so, it’s our little secret ok?

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