March WARDian of the Month: Dean-O-mite

DeanoIf you’ve not seen this WARDian around the traps, you may have been living under a rock – he gets around. Always willing to help where needed (in fact sometimes insisting upon it!), this WARD member has an enthusiasm for derby that is contagious. May I introduce our WARDian of the Month for March – Dean-O-mite.

How did you get into derby?

Not much was happening around the traps skating wise and one night at a general session I ran in to a roller derby girl. I had watched a few games on the old Ewetube and we got chatting and she said that they were doing Derby at O’Conner. So I thought I would come have a look and try and offer up my awesome self to assist the coaches. For 6 weeks I came every Wednesday asking to hop on and assist the coaches. But it seems my reputation hadn’t preceded me, and there are club rules, so I just signed up as a fresh meat skater and stepped out as a level one. Seven and a half minutes later I was assisting the coach that night with the new Freshies and haven’t stopped loving that part of of all this…


What do you get out of derby?

Loads. I get to see those that have chosen the Derby journey come along as new born giraffes. I get to witness their development and try and be a part of keeping that focus and commitment alive. I get to laugh so much. I get to feel the joy of helping skaters pass into level two and I get to feel the emotion of those that don’t quite make it sometimes. And that only makes me work harder to get them there next time around.
Also as a Bench Coach for the most awesome DOOMS!!! I get the privilege of being part of a team that works together so well and laughs so much. Being able to help motivate and encourage the team to be positive, focused and have fun playing is a great reward.
And I get to skate with some great people and good friends.

What has been the highlight of your skating career so far?

I have been on skates over 40 years so there is a few stories there, but if you are asking about the Derbs then I would have to say that seeing any skater that was once a Freshie with me, stepping out on to the track in their first game/scrim and start their playing career. To know that I have been a small part of the skaters development is always a little emotional for me..(Don’t tell anyone that bit). Then to watch them grow and get better and better at every game and training session gives me the bumps of the goose.
Playing highlights would be the 1st PMD Mens game in WA against Brisbane Mens (won by 1 point). Blockbusters 1 and 2. And all the laughs on and off track during games.

Most embarrassing moment?

I laugh at myself too much to worry about those types of moments. In my early days at PMD training I once was skating towards an “anonymous ” skater and we both turned the same way and chest to chest slammed at speed in to each other. I hit the poor girl so hard she didn’t need a mammogram any time soon. That was somewhat embarrassing I felt terrible about that as I only smash in to people by choice… Sorry skater X if your reading this, you know who you are. Has it popped back out the right way yet?. lol..

Do you have any training tips?

For the Fresh I would say keep at it. Some will take 2 or 3 cycles and that can be normal. Try the things you can off skates at home or work, understand your balance for your body. We cram so much in to a 12 week period and it is a lot to master to pass an assessment.
The fabulous coaches and club will help you, as much as they can, for as long as it takes to get you there.
For the players I can’t go past fitness. There is a couple of skaters recently that have worked on their fitness and the increase in their skating, for me, is stunning to watch. Sure I am living in a glass house on this one but I think fitness is one of the keys.
I always believe that anyone can do every turn, edge, backward crossovers, jump or hit, they think they can’t do. You just have to be determined to find it within you. And if you still can’t do it, hit me up and I will work with you to find what it takes for you.

What are your derby aspirations?

Just being on my skates is enough for me, it always has been. I am pretty darn happy doing what I am doing. I have been rewarded well beyond my aspirations by seeing so many new skaters come through the cycles. I see great coaches giving at all levels. I see people from all walks of life brought together by a love of skating and the Derbs.
I have only ever aspired to enjoy life, and I have been doing that for many years now and you gals, guys and the club just make it all so much more enjoyable.

Who would you nominate as next WARDian of the Month?
I was surprised, honoured and humbled when I heard about this as there are so many people that deserve this way more for what they do at the club.

I would like to nominate Luna Wrecklips. She seems to be everywhere at the moment with her Vollie co-ord roll. Luna is always helpful and friendly and gives up her time for others. All skaters that pass through the ranks to play must always remember that we can’t play this kooky game without people like Luna that give up their time and put in such a big effort to make it all happen. Love your vollies, NSOs and refs people, they create the foundation of your derby. Luna will also hopefully be playing soon. Right Luna?

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