March Derby Girl....Knicker Kicker!!!

March derby girl of the month is the heart of the South County Roller Derby girls. “Knicker Kicker” has been with us since the birth of the league and has been a role model and inspiration for all the ladies on the team. KK (as we call her) is the most supportive lady we have ever encountered. She would like to think of herself and tough and sometimes harsh, but really she is kind, honest, caring, and an all around wonderful derby sister. This lady has worked her knicker off for us managing finances and keeping us in line. She is the first to jump in when anyone needs help and the last to go home when something needs done. Not only is this lady an asset behind the scenes, she is also a heck of a skater! The lady is one tough solid hit! You would never know by the way she skates that she is one of our more “mature skaters” on the league. She gives ladies 20 years younger a run for their money, that’s for sure! Thank you so much KK for everything you have done for this league and for what you have done for each of us personally. We are so blessed to have you on our team and in our lives.

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